Level 91 & Golden Temple Result

I have leveled up to level 91! :D

And the results of my half an hour hunting in the Golden Temple:

  • I didn’t get a Musical Note Chair… I’ve just seen I can enter one more time, so maybe the next time?
  • I got 77% exp + 1 Level Up .
  • I got 8 Maple Weapons:  2 Maple Asura Daggers (1 Hidden Potential)

1 Maple Shine Wand

1 Maple Kandiva Bow

                                                                     – 1 Maple Havoc Hammer

1 Maple Dark Mate (Hidden Potential)

1 Maple Belzet (Hidden Potential)

1 Maple Demon Axe

  • I got Lots of Blue Goblin Crowns, those are just Etc. drops.
  • I got like 200k of Mesos.
Oh yeah, I’ve taken a pic of someone sitting on the Musical Note Chair!                                                                                     So I want this one! :D
Edit: My Entrance Ticket to enter the Hunting Room has just expired -_-  So no chair for me :(

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