EMS – lvl 33 to 35 in 2 seconds

Hi guys! I’ve just leveled up 2 times in Europe MapleStory in two seconds!As you can see I have like 200% exp here. Then I killed 1 monster. Ding! level 34. Still 100% left.

                           This is 1 monster later…

Now, I will tell you how this could be: Before the Big Bang I had like 44k exp. Post Big Bang, you need 19136 exp for lvl 33 and 34. 19136 *2= 38272, so I could level up 2 times. Read more for the FAQ :D

FAQ: Q: What does ‘Geestelijke’ mean?

A: Geestelijke means Cleric

Q: Is Geestelijke Dutch?

A: Yes it is.

Q: Why do you play EMS?

A: Because GMS isn’t working now and I’m from Europe :)


PS: I have just done this with another character too :)


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