Battle Mode Event Quests & Level 92!

I have finished all the event quests of the Battle Mode! And I leveled up to level 92. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture, because it was during the Battle Mode and I didn’t see my Ding. This post will contain more detailed information about the Battle Mode too. Here is some information about the rewards from every quest:

  1. Score 50 points in Battle Mode:  Larson’s Event Challenger Ring, 1x Gallant Emblem.
  2. Score 100 points in Battle Mode:Larson’s Event Challenger Pendant, 1x Gallant Emblem.
  3. Score 300 points in Battle Mode:Larson’s Event Challenger Belt,1x Gallant Emblem.
  4. Score 500 Points in Battle Mode: Larson’s Event Challenger Epaulette,  1x Gallant Emblem
  5. Score 1000 points in Battle Mode:Larson’s Challenger Ring,  1x Gallant Emblem. (I got the Ring, but there is a random Larson’s Challenger Reward.)

Note: The first 4 Equips are timed and are useable till 24th/25th of July, the 5th one is timeless, so it won’t go away.

Read more for more news :D

BP Exchanger

With the BP Exchanger you can turn in Battle Points for Gallant Emblems. You can use Gallant Emblems to buy items from Larson, the Gallant Emblem Merchant.

  • 1x  for 500 BP
  • 4x for 1500 BP
  • 7x for 2500 BP

Note: You can earn BP by competing in a PvP match. The BP you’ll earn is based on your score. For each 10 points, you get 1 Gallant Emblem. So if you reach 1200 points, you get 120 BP.


Larson sells items you can buy with Gallant Emblems.

  • The Epaulette, Belt, Ring and Pendant, but now timeless: x10
  • Mystery Scroll x5,  Recipe x6. Double click them and they will turn into a random scroll.
  • Gallant Battle Manual <Theory> x50 . All stats +3, W Att, M Att +3, Battle Mode Att +2
  • Gallant Battle Manual <Practice> x100. All stats +5, W Att, M Att +5, Battle Mode Att +3
  • Battle Pouch x4. Description says: No one knows what’s inside. 
This women tells you everything about the Battle Mode: What to do there, what you can get there, etc..
Maximus can you teleport to the town you previously were.
If you talk to Crawson, the Mode selection screen will show up. To see what you can do in the PvP arena and how you can get there, you can check
The most Exp I got from Battle Mode so far is about 368.000. That´s pretty much ^_^.
The Most Points were about 1200.
                        Larson’s Challenger Ring is a Set Item! So if I get the other three Set Items, I’ll get massive bonusses :D.
The other equips from Larson do also give stats like these, but a bit different.


2 thoughts on “Battle Mode Event Quests & Level 92!

  1. BTW in the 1000 points challenge, the reward is a random Laron’s Challenger item. I got the Challenger Belt in Set item mode.

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