Almost coming home

Hey! In about 2 hours, I’m going into the bus back to the Netherlands! I’ll be back home tomorrow at 6PM and then I can go play Maple again :D

In my previous post, I didn’t know what’s in the Tespia, but I think it’s just the Age of Triumph. But it’s the Tespia for v 100 and Chaos is 0.99, so I don’t know and I will look for more information.

For the people who want more information about the Age of Triumph, which comes tomorrow, here you are:

Age of Triumph begins on August 10th!

Capture the Flag
– Experience a brand new, team-based PvP mode, exclusive to Global MapleStory!
– Will you race to steal the other team’s flag or defend your own?

Silent Crusade
– Journey on an exciting quest line to uncover the secrets of the Silent Crusade.
– Earn access to powerful rewards available only through the Silent Crusade.
– Get to know the NPC that fights beside you throughout the quest line!
– For the first time in MapleStory, you can fight monsters in your own map! No need to change channels!
– Track down and defeat Master Monsters, more powerful versions of familiar mobs.

Crusader Codex
– Collect cards and create sets to earn awesome rewards like set bonuses and medals!
– Each mob type drops a different card – can you find them all?
– Increased drop rates on cards allow you to complete your sets faster!
– Check out your friend’s Codex to compare your progress!

I’m looking forward to this :)

See you tomorrow!


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