News about the Crusader Codex & Silent Crusade

Hi peoples!

I know more things about the Silent Crusade and the Crusader Codex!


Silent Crusade first. The Silent Crusade has 25 quests and I’m at the 21th I think. However, every time you complete a quest, you get some Crusader Coins. At the first one 1 coin,at the 2nd 3, 3rd 5 etc.. I’m a Grand Captain right now, that’s the 5th rank I think. (Sorry, Maple is not opened right now). I can buy more equips now and better potions in the Silent Crusade shop. Every time you complete a quest you also get a ring. Mine gives 2 Weapon/Magic ATT, very much ACC, some AVO and other nice things.


Now the Crusader Codex. When I got my first set, I could open the ‘Set’ tab in the Crusader Codex. There are 33 sets which all give a stat. When you have obtained a set, you can click it. Then the stats of that set will be activated. This doesn’t work yet.. -_-. Another nice thing about the Crusader Codex is: there are more card then just 380(?)! When you are fighting a monster from lvl 100(?) or higher, you get a message that you’ve got more cards to collect. I can collect 469 cards now. I already have 331 :). Oh, and when you have completed a set, you also get a bunch of exp. I noticed that you get 3,7 mil exp for completing the Silent Crusade set o.O. That’s pretty much. For completing the Verne Mine set, I got 88k exp.

I will update this post with pictures and stuff when I’m playing MapleStory again ;)



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