Has PvP become quiet? (and some other things)

So.. I didn’t Maple for a week and when I came back I was trying to get in a PvP room. Well, it is hard to do that now.. I tried it like 5 times, and I was always the only person in the room. Maybe it’s just the time of the day, but I don’t know. Maybe it’s just ‘out’.

There are some new events, in game events and community events aswell!

The new game event is: The Golden Richie event. The weird thing is that the site doesn’t say anything about this event. However, it is here :)

For the people who don’t know this event, I will explain it to you!

First, you need to collect:

  • 20 pieces of ,, and  
  • 1 Empty Compass:

Then when you have collect all those items you can double click the Compass. When you do this, you lose your Empty Compass and get a Golden Compass. You can double click this one also. When you do this, you will be teleprted to the Golden Richie map. In this map you have to kill Golden Pigs in one minute and they can drop Eggs. I just found one the first time I did this, and that was a Golden Pig’s Shiny Egg, but I know there is an Exp egg too which gives you a very large amount of Exp!


(Edit: The second time I found a Golden Pig’s Dazzling Egg too, this one gave me 10 Watermelons)

When the time’s up, you move to the Treasure Vault Exit. In this map is Gold Richie. You can turn in Necklaces you found at the Golden Pigs(?).

So when you have done this you have to wait a half an hour I think and do this again :)

When I have more information I’ll post it here!~

Read more for the rewards so far and another great event!

Reward so far form the Golden Richie Event:

Use tab

  • Red Bean Sundae (10)
  • Sunset Dew (10)
  • Sunrise Dew (10)
  • Watermelon (10)
  • Melting Cheese (10)
  • Reindeer Milk (10)
  • Elixir (10)
  • White Pill (30)
  • Blue Pill (30)
  • Mysterious Sack
  • Scroll for Belts for LUK 100%
  • Scroll for Belts for DEX 100%
  • Scroll for Belts for INT 100%
  • Scroll for Belts for STR 100%

Equip tab

  • Golden Pig Belt (WDef/MDef +7)

Then there are two (edit: three) Community Events for September!

One is September Perfect Attendance Event. This event is from 5 to 18 September.

  • For each week that you log in for one hour every day, you earn 5000 Maple Points. (I can’t get the 5000 for this week, because I started today :P, maybe next week!)
  • If you complete this for both weeks, you will be rewarded another 10000 Maple Points, you” be put into a lottery to win 100.000 Maple Points too!

See for the other one this link! And see this link for a new September Event.


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