MapleStory ‘Ascension’ (Jump)

I’ve just read the new Dev Blog on the Maple site, and it came with very exciting news:

The ‘Ascension’ (Jump in KMS) update is coming before the end of September!

I don’t know why they renamed it to Ascension, but it has kind of the same definition!                      So… The new update will include:

  • The revamp of the Magician, Archer and Warrior classes.
  • Monster Park!
  • Three new PQ’s.
  • Revamp of six existing PQ’s.
  • Some technical improvements including the addition of an event calendar to the UI.
Those things are great, right? Well there are more, but then different from KMS.
  • Party Play: KMS decided to remove all Party Play bonusses, but GMS will keep them!
  • The whole new Wedding System. (More options, easier to do etc..)
  • And last but not least: Some events exclusive for GMS.
The thing is I’m worrying about is that they put this whole update in ONE patch! o.O
The Big Bang and Chaos, both in more than one patch, some were more than 5 hours extended!
So I think this update will get this too, because there are so many updates.
At the other side, I like it, beacause we have the whole bunch of updates at the same time!
So…. when there’s more information about the Ascension update I will post it. So keep visiting my blog!




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