Ascension patch date announced!

25/09: From now on I’m covering  any more information!

(Updated 24/9)

Yay! The exact date of the Ascension update has been announced! Nexon says the Ascnsion Update will arrive on September 28.

Read more for more information about Ascension!

The exact patch notes aren’t here yet, but there is some new information!

Class Revamp:

  • New skills and better skill effects!
Monster Park:
  • You can party with up to 5 other Maplers in the Monster Park.
  • There is 50% more exp and higher drop rates!
Wedding system:
  • Weddings are easier to do than ever!
  • There are some new Wedding Events.
Party Quests:
  • Three new PQ’s and six renewed PQ’s!
  • In PQ’s the monster’s stats have been customized to match your party’s average level!
New Events:
  • New in-game event calendar has been added to see the events in progress and the upcoming events!
  • Lots of new event in tje Ascension update!
You can now fly in your own airplane from Orbis to:
  • Victoria Island
  • Ereve
  • Edelstein
  • Ariant
  • Mu Lung
  • Leafre
You can buy airplanes from Instructor Irvin in Orbis Station Entrance. (Instructor Irvin is also in Six Path Crossroad.)
  • Wooden Airplane (1 day): 10.000 meso.
  • Wooden Airplane (7 days): 50.000 meso.
  • Red Airplane (1 day) 30.000 meso.
  • Red Airplane (7 days): 150.000 meso.
I know the Red Airplane reduces the time with 2 minutes when you move between continents. ( You can fly yourself!)
I think the Wooden Airplane will reduce it with 1 minute or so… (All credits go to: Look there for some pictures! )

Click this  link to see the original post from Nexon.

(I think you need to zoom in a little, before you can read it.)


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