Knights of Virtue Event & Random Beauty Coupon Event

Edit 7th October: Changed the look of my Mech, see the piccture below!

Hi all!  Today I’m gonna explain you some new events which were in the patch notes of the Ascension!

  • Knights of Virtue (Revival of the Saint Saver in kMS, exactly the same!) Lvl Requirement: lvl 15
  • Random Beauty Coupon
I want to begin with the Random Beauty Coupon event first. During this event (09.28.2011 – 10.25.2011) most monsters can drop Special Beauty Coupons:
When you use a coupon, your Skin, Eyes and Hair will be randomized! I tried it a few times on three of my characters, and I must say, I’m very happy with the result:
     Bandit           Aran       Mechanic
Click ‘Read more of this post‘ to read about the Knights of Virtue event!

Now the Knights of Virtue! (Running from 09.28.2011 – 10.19.2011)

In May, this event was released in kMS. It was called the Revival of the Saint Saver. Here in gMS, the event is exactly the same but 2 rewards or so. Well, I will explain the event to you!

When you click on the Purple Stone  on the left side of your screen, a screen will pop up with all the event quests of this event. When you complete them, you get a Chivalry Log, and a Stone of Virtue. (Characters from lvl 50-70 will receive a Special Teleport Rock to teleport between the hunting grounds were I will write later about that.

In some maps, there are hunting grounds where you can fill up your Virtue Stone gauge.

You need 500 hits in that map to do that. When it’s fully filled, you get a Buff. Att +30, and Jump and Speed +40. You’ll also get experience for filling up that gauge! (:

Sometimes, when you’re hunting in a hunting ground recommended for your level, Ergoth will spawn. When you kill it, it drops an Evil Spirit Box. You can get nice equips out of it. I just got my lvl 90 Pirate shoes!

There are also rewards when you fill up your bar from the third day till the tenth:

  • Third Day (Check):  Pendant of the Spirit (2 day)  Boosts exp, the longer you’re online, the more exp you get.
  • Fourth Day (Check): Power Elixir.
  • Fifth Day (Check): Pendant of the Spirit (5 day) 
  • Sixth Day (Check): Secret Recipe. A random recipe will pop out. It’s a recipe fom a Profession you’ve learned. if you’ve not learned one, a random recipe will pop out.
  • Seventh Day (Check)Nightmare Mount 10-Day Coupon. A nice mount!
  • Eighth Day (Check)Advanced Equip Enhancement Scroll
  • Ninth Day (Check)Special Potential Scroll
  • Tenth Day (Check!)Knights of Virtue Earrings and the ‘Virtue’s Savior’ Title
Those Earrings give very nice stats:
  • All stats +3
  • Max HP/MP +200
  • Magic DEF +80
  • Acc/Avoid +100
  • Speed/Jump +7

When you equip the Earrings, you get in all Traits +40 Exp! (Finally! Level 1 Empathy -_-)
    (Photoshopped, I was bored.. :))
A prove to see that I’ve got my Nightmare mount! :D

Please don’t blame me if I forgot something!
New Events are coming soon!
P.S: These are the results from my Secret Recipe.
Unfortunately I didn’t get anything for Pirate!

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