Beating the Heat

Today a new event has arrived: Beating the Heat (10.12.2011 – 10.26.2011). In this event, you have to make a Special Fruit Sundae every day. How to do that is explained later in this post.

When you log in, you get a quest from Gaga. Just accept it and you get the Secret Beat Heating Recipe. This is a quest attendance book. (Just like the Chivalry Log in the Latest Tech event.)

Click ‘Read more of this post’ to read about this hot event!

Oh, and the quest you get from Gaga fails a bit:

You read this? ‘It’s already September‘. It’s October now, the Event started in October, so I think Nexon is a little overheat :)

So the Secret Heat Beating Recipe:

When you obtained the Attendance Book, you get another quest and there Gaga explains you what you need to collect:

Every monster drop these items, but they won’t give you the items if the monster is at least 11 levels lower or 21 levels higher than you are. So be careful where you’re hunting at. (I collected the items in 12 minutes, so this event doesn’t take much time to complete. It’s only having patience :) )

When you’ve collected the three items, you can hand them in to get:

  • A stamp on your Attendance book.
  • Special Fruit Sundae
The Special Fruit Sundae gave me 413 exp on my lvl 41 Archer, and on lvl 42 too. On my lvl 123 Mech it gave me 63.254 exp. That’s 0.63%.
After that you get another quest. It will give you your reward which is on the Attendance book.
Repeat this for eight days to get all the rewards! :)
Here are all the rewards once again:
Sundae Festival Day 1 (Check)Very Special Sundae 100x: Restores 2000 MP. (Untradeable)
Sundae Festival Day 2 (Check)Watermelon Popsicle: Jump +10 (face accessory, time limited, tradeable)
Sundae Festival Day 3 (Check)Power Elixir x100: A legendary potion. Restores all HP and MP.
Sundae Festival Day 4: Melon Popsicle: Speed +10 (face accessory, time limited, tradeable)
Sundae Festival Day 5: Advanced Equip Enhancement Scroll: Enhances fully upgraded equipment. The item is destroyed upon failure.
Sundae Festival Day 6: Chocolate Popsicle: STR/DEX/INT/LUK +3 (face accessory, time limited, tradeable)
Sundae Festival Day 7: Ice Crystal Face Paint: STR/DEX/INT/LUK +5, Weapon/Magic DEF +10, ACC/AVOID +30 (face accessory, time limited, untradeable)
Sundae Festival Day 8: Strawberry Popsicle: Weapon/Magic ATT +5 (face accessory, time limited, tradeable)
P.S.: You can repeat this quest in 15 minutes again or so, but only one time completing the quest a day will count for your Attendance Book.

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