GMSt: The Rise of Fellowship

The Tespia for the next patch has been opened! Unfortunately, I’m still not a tester. Maybe I am one some day…

Well, this patch is called: Rise of the Fellowship! There’s not much information yet, but at least there is something. The point Nexon said to focus on are:

  • Sidekick 

(This is sort of a person who is between 5 and 30 levels lower than you, and you can hunt lower lvl monsters with him so you get all the experience. There’s some other stuff with this ‘sidekick’ thing, but that’s a bit weird. When there’s more information or when the patch arrives in the official server, I’ll explain it all to you.)

  • Life Style Campain

I don’t know anything about it yet!

  • Monster Familiar

(Wow, this sounds nice to me! This is sort of a new system. You can capture monsters and summon them. They help you while hunting monsters by attacking them. I don’t know if I’m right, but I think you must collect cards first before you can summon the monster. You can find those cards in your inventory and in a new tab in the Crusader Codex! Click ‘Read more of this post to see a JMS video explaining this system.)

  • Halloween Event

(While in the Haunted House, you get an invitation to fight Ani. Kill him and get a Pumpkin Box. This item isn’t usable in Tespia. I think (hope) there are some more features in this event!)

  • Thanksgiving Event
I don’t know anything either about this event yet!
To see the Monster Familiar video, click Read More of this Post!


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