The Rise of Fellowship coming this week!

Edit: The update is coming 10.27.2011!

Hi all! Nexon confirmed that The Rise of Fellowship update is coming this week! I’m looking forward to the Monster Familiar system, the other things are not very interesting… I just want the Legend update!

Click ‘Read more of this post to read all the patch notes! (The official Patch Notes aren’t there yet, so maybe this is not all which is coming!)

So.. Here are the thing which are coming in the Rise of Fellowship. In my previous post, all things weren’t as well explained as now, so read on! (Almost all things were copied from the official website.)


The new sidekick system gives you bonuses for teaming up with a player five or more levels above or below you. For hunting together, you’ll receive bonus EXP and stat increases to keep you fighting strong. Keeping a lower level sidekick around will also increase your Fame and even earn you medals.

Monster Familiar

Now you can team up with monsters to battle your way through Maple World! Collect a monster’s familiar card and register it in your Crusader Codex in order for you to call out that monster to follow you and help you fight almost anywhere. Familiars are categorized as Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Legend, with the latter two types having unique attacks.

MapleStory Lifestyle Campaign

The MapleStory Lifestyle Campaign lets you get a title to let other people know what your play style is. It also enables you to participate in numerous quests with scrolls as rewards.

Halloween Raid

Halloween is almost here, and with it we’re releasing a new Halloween event! Accept the raid invitation that will appear over your character’s head and defeat the boss to win a prize from Dingshroder the cat. Possible rewards include recovery items, scrolls, a Jack-o-Lantern Familiar, a Pumpkin Chair, or a special title.

Magic Gachapon Wheel

The Magic Gachapon Wheel is a new type of Gachapon system that is separate from regular Gachapon. Obtain Wheel of Loot tokens from monster drops, then spin the wheel to win prizes, which includes recipes, mastery books, scrolls, Magnifying Glasses, recovery items, ETC items, and equipment.

More events will come throughout November, including the return of the Golden Temple and hunting turkeys for Thanksgiving. Keep an eye on for information about events as they come!

Hoping for more content, and see you later! :)


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