Hint for Legend update coming soon!?

Hi all! I just patched MapleStory to the newest version, Rise of Fellowship, and I found a clue for the Legend update. Maybe it’s coming soon! Look at this picture:

Does this mean the Cannon Shooters are coming soon? (My soon means this year :P) Since Cannon Shooters are using Hand Cannons, I think so! Much people are saying the Legend update will come at the end of the year. First I didn’t believe them, but now I do! I like the way Nexon reveals hidden clues for upcoming patches (Well, this is not anything hidden o.O)!

EDIT: I found another clue! See this picture too:

You see? Cannon Shooters can use them, and these potions can only be used till December 20th. So that means the Cannon Shooters are coming before December 20th. That’s in two months! I think the Legend update, or however Nexon will call it, will be the Winter update!

So, I’m sorry for not posting about the new update, but that should come as soon as possible. I think tomorrow after school :)


7 thoughts on “Hint for Legend update coming soon!?

  1. I think it will be released on the 16th of november because the event for the cannon starts at that date.
    So if it’s like KMS and they have a delay of 2 weeks every patch mercedes will be released on 30th of november and demonslayer the 14th of december

    • Hmm, haven’t thought of that yet.. And you could be right! (I hope :P) It would be very nice when the Cannon Shooters will be released then. I have played Demon Slayer and Mercedes. Mercedes on KMS and JMS, Demon Slayer on KMS. Trying CS later :)

  2. nice. i would like to try Demon Slayer and Mercedes too. But it’s so long till they come out…..
    could u lend me ur KMS account so i can try it out for 1 day? send me some message at yannic_swimmer@hotmail.com with the info if u would like me to lend the account

    • Well, since MY Pc won’t start KMS, maybe I can lend it to you for 1 day or so. But I don’t know you and I don’t know what you’re doing with the account when you know the password and stuff like that.

      • i just will make a new demon slayer to see how it is. i won’t do anything to your account cause i don’t know anyone playing KMS and it’s so hard to make/let someone make an account..

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