GMS v.102 ‘Rise of Fellowship’

Yesterday, the new patch, Rise of Fellowship has arrived! This update contains a lot of stuff you can find in my other posts, and stuff I didn’t mention before too. There’s a new login screen:

If you want to read more of this post, click ‘Read more of this post‘ to see all my experiences and other thing of this new update! :)

First of all I want to explain you the biggest part of this update: Monster Familiar. Monster Familiar is in short: Collect ‘Monster Familiar’ cards to summon them and help you fight.

Let’s start with how to view the cards you’ve collected. Since the Familiar screen is in the Crusader Codex, press the button to open it. Then press the ‘Familiar‘ tab:

(I already have 377 monster cards as you can see :))

Then, if you’ve never collected a Monster Familiar card, this screen will be empty.

So now I’m explaining how to get such a card. You can get a card by finding it from monsters or getting it from a starting pack or a booster pack. (Starting/Booster packs, you can buy them in the Cash Shop.) Keep hunting on a monster till you find a card with the monsters image on it with a GREY background (So not a monster card!). It takes a long time to find a card. I haven’t found one yet, but I got one from a box from the Halloween event I will explain in another post. I got a Jack-o-Lantern Card:

The number 15 is the level of the monster, next to it is its name. Under the image are its abilities and under these things are: its Att. power and Attacking Range. This differs for all monsters. So a level 5 monster has much weaker abilities and a level 50 much is much stronger. The three grey circles next to the Attack and Range are the amount of Cards you have used for this monster. I will write about this later in this post.

How to summon the monster? Well, you need to get one card first. Then it will appear in your inventory. Double-Click it and after you click OK, you have to give your monster a name. Let’s take a simple name for my sweet Jack-o-Lantern.. Hm… Since it has to have more than 3 letters, it can’t be Bob :(. So I will call him Hank!

After you accept the name, the monster will appear in your Monster Book.


I used one Card, so there’s one circle marked. I can summon it now. Double Click the monster in your Crusader Codex under the Familiar tab, and your Monster will appear :D Hank and me are good friend now! When you use a card, the countdown of friendship of 30 days will begin. This means that after 30 days, your Monster will disappear. Hank will help me in battle, when I’m attacking a monster, aswell as when I’m being attacked by any monster.

You can only summon your monster when it’s Vitality is full, and you can’t summon a monster if it has a higher level than you. The Vitality of your Monster decreases when it attacks, uses skills. When the Vitality reaches 0, the Monster will be automatically dismissed. To increase the maximum Vitality, find and use more cards up to three. Then, all the three circles above the Monsters head will appear.

When the Vitality decreases, the circles (pearls) will drain in color, and later even disappear.

There is a sort of formula for the level difference between you and the other Mob.

Level difference 0 – 5 levels 6 – 10 levels 11 – 15 levels 16 – 20 levels 21 – 25 levels 26+ levels
Miss rate 0% 10% 20% 40% 80% 100%


So, It’s not recommended to hunt with your monster when the other mob is 26+ levels higher.. o.O

This was the most information about the Monster Familiar system I can give you.


Now, the Sidekick system.

If I’m right, the Sidekick system only runs from 10.27.2011 – 12.06.2011. The level requirement is 15 -120.

A sidekick is a person who is at least 5 or more levels lower than you are. There are many effects when you train with each other. When a sidekick relationship is made, a lower level player receives a temporary stat and level increase effect based on the higher level player’s level. The lower level dude’s HP, MP, primary and secondary abilities are increased when the two are training together.  Both people get a buff every hour, and both people get Bonus exp too while training together. The higher level dude’s fame can increase during a relationship. The longer there is a relationship, the more Fame the higher level person gets. Both of the players get a Title too. The high level person gets: High Level Sidekick. The low level person gets: Low Level Sidekick.

How to make a Sidekick relationship? Well. That’s easy. right click on the desired person and select: Sidekick.

When the other person accepts your request, a new window pops up with all the information about your Sidekick ‘relationship’.

The Hourglass counts down every hour. When it reaches 0, you and your Sidekick friend get a Buff according to your Job, and if you’re a High or Low Sidekick I think. However, these are the stats you gain for a level 46 Hunter, low level Sidekick:

These stats are pretty nice for me. Since my Mechanic is my main, I can’t use this system, because he’s level 128… Well, that’s no problem.

The Red Arrow shows the amount of levels the lower level Sidekicked has got.

There are also a few quests for Sidekicks:

  • Making a Sidekick: Establish a sidekick relationship. Reward: Return Scroll – Nearest Town
  • Gift to the Helper!: A quest for a higher level sidekick. The quest is completed when your lower level partner goes up thirty levels.
    Reward: King of Sidekick (medal):: STR/DEX/INT/LUK +2, max HP/MP +200
  • Gift to the Helper! 2: A quest for a higher level sidekick. The quest is completed when your lower level partner goes up sixty levels.
    Reward: God of Sidekick (medal): STR/DEX/INT/LUK +3, max HP/MP +300
Enjoyed reading this stuff? Well, stay tuned for a new post/page about the new events, and maybe even some information about the Cannon Shooters!


7 thoughts on “GMS v.102 ‘Rise of Fellowship’

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  2. thx for help, great blog
    but i got 1 qustion, can i delete my monster familliar card ?- if yes, pls tell me how.. thx R3dHxo – Bera – 53 – dawn warrior

  3. Ah okay.. Yeah, I’ve got that problem too. But that doesn’t really bother me because I don’t look at the familiar page often :P But I don’t think you can delete the card.

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