GMS v.102 ‘Rise of Fellowship’: Events

The new update: Rise of Fellowship has brought a bunch of new events to the Maple World, like every new update does! This includes the Halloween event, Sidekick (Yep, this is just an event..), and other cool events. Some new events like the Golden Temple, and the event: Find the treasure map! aren’t in this post, since they aren’t out yet.

I’m not gonna write about the sidekick, because I already wrote about that. If you want to read about the Sidekick system, click here and scroll a little bit down. There’s actually a new thing about the Sidekick. Nexon has posted a video aboutp forming a Sidekick relationship.

Click ‘Read more of this post’ to read about the other events!

First, the Potted Maple Tree event. (10.27.2011 – 11.08.2011) (Lvl 13+)

During the event days, you have to fully grow up a Mini Maple Tree to get some nice rewards :)

After you log into the game, a quest will appear on the left of the screen. Accept this quest to receive a Potted Mini Maple Tree. Double-Click it to add in into your Item Pot. You need to get your tree asleep by feeding it equipments. When it’s asleep, wait 30 minutes and it’ll wake up! Double-click it again to receive a Golden Maple Fruit. Complete this 7 days to get the final reward.

Phase 1                          Phase 2                         Phase 3

You get rewards on the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th day:

  • First: 100x Power Elixir
  • Third: 1x Continental Return Scroll (Return to your town, no matter how far you roam.)
  • Fifth: 3x Mystery Recipe
  • Seventh: 1x Advanced Equip Enhancement Scroll
Unfortunately, I can only get the first reward, because I can Maple again since a few hours ago.
Then the Halloween event: Mansion of the Good Witch of the Left-Side.  (10.27.2011 – 11.08.2011) (Lvl. 13+)
Every day during 12:00 AM – 11:00 PM PST at x:15 and x:45, a Enveloppe pops up above your head. Click this to go to the waiting room. One minute later, everyone is sent, in groups of fifteen people, to the map where you have to fight the Witch of the Right side. Time limit is 20 minutes. When you defeat the Witch, you may talk to the NPC to get your reward: a Plump Pumpkin Box.
This box contains various items, like scrolls, potions, a Pumpkin Chair, a Jack-o-Lantern Familiar Card or a special title.
Then, there’s the Magic Gachapon Wheel event which runs from 10.27.2011 to 11.22.2011.
During these days, you can find a Wheel of Loot from any monster.
Then open the Magic Wheel screen and drag and drop the Wheel of Loot into the slot and click start!
After it’s done, you can see your reward!
Rewards you can get are: Recipes, Mastery Books, potions, ETC items, Equips and more!
Then there are two more events for now: MapleStory Lifestyle Campaign and Fellowship event.
The MapleStory Lifestyle Campaign is simple. When you log in, a quest appears. A question will be asked.
Choose one of these answers in order to reveive a title.
  • Party Hunter: Choose “I like working with friends.”
  • Quest Master: Choose “I like completing quests.”
  • Answer Master: Choose “I’m a MapleStory expert.”
  • Friend Seeker: Choose “I walk Maple World alone.”
When you’ve done this, you can accept a new quest from these NPC’s:
  • Henesys: Chief Stan
  • Ellinia: Betty
  • Kerning City: Nella
  • Perion: Blackbull
  • Sleepywood: The Rememberer
  • Orbis: Staff Sergeant Charlie
  • El Nath: Scadur
  • Ariant palace entrance: Tigun
  • Magatia: Phyllia
  • Mu Lung: Do Gong
Each NPC gives a random item from these scrolls:
  • Return Scroll – Nearest Town
  • Scroll for Helmet for HP 100%
  • Scroll for Shoes for Speed 100%
  • Scroll for Gloves for ATT 100%
  • Scroll for Shoes for Jump 10%
  • Scroll for Shoes for Speed 10%
  • Clean Slate Scroll
Last but not least, the Fellowship event!
Every Mapler has a chance to get an item.
  • If you have a new character, go to the Cash Shop to receive a Pendant of The Spirit. It boosts EXP when equipped. The longer you’re logged in without logging out, the greater the effect becomes.
1 hour: 10% bonus EXP
2 hours: 20% bonus EXP
3 hours+: 30% bonus EXP
  • If you have logged in during the past three months, you get a Mapler Ring : Join a party with someone wearing a Welcome Back Ring and your drop rate will increase by 50%.
  • If you haven’t logged in during the past three months, you get a Welcome Back Ring: When you wear this ring while in a party, every member in the party will receive an additional 80% bonus party EXP.
These are the Events for now. More are coming soon!

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