Monster Familiar Update & Golden Temple

In the last maintenance, Nexon added/changed some features in the Monster Familiars. The changes were added 2 days ago, November 10th. The Golden Temple has also arrived again! (I like the picture Nexon added in their post! See above)

Monster Familiar

Many things were changed, and in my opinion, they were good. Things have changed with the monster drops, aswell as with the Booster Packs.

Monster drop changes first. The thing I like the most (well, with another one I like the most) is: the chance you’ll find a card which are dropped by monsters from all levels is multiplied by 10x! So now it’s a lot easier to find one. I kept hunting at Jr. Yetis for half an hour, and nothing.. I hope it will go a lot faster now! (Haven’t tried it yet).

The second thing is (I like this one too, so I like everything :P): Monster of level 70+ now drop cards. When I first read this, I was like: ”ZOMG! WHY DIDN’T I KNOW THIS!?!”. That’s very stupid I didn’t knew it of course. I reacted like this, because I was hunting on Yetis to find a card, while they didn’t even drop one.. -_-

Nexon also said:

Keep in mind while you’re hunting that higher level monsters still have a lower chance of dropping as                                             Familiar cards than lower level monsters.

                    – Nexon

Now the Booster Pack changes. The chances of getting a rare/uncommon/common card have been changed. The first card in the Booster pack will still be common. The second has a 50/50 chance to be a common or uncommon card. The third and last card has a 60% to be an uncommon card, and 40% to be a rare one.

Since the level 70+ Familiar Cards are there now, you can obtain them from Booster Packs.

All things not written here remained the same.

Golden Temple

(November 9 – December 6)

A few times in the year, the Golden Temple is opened. In the Golden Temple, you can enter mini-dungeons to fight monsters which drop Maple Weapons and give a lot of Exp! You can also fight Ravana, the boss in the Golden Temple. But first you need to get a Golden Ticket before you can even do something in there.

To receive your first Ticket, log in to the game and Accept the quest you get on the left on the screen.

You will be asked to go to the Golden Temple. Do this using the Dimensional Mirror and select Golden Temple.

Once you’re in the map, move to Mr.Yoo, and complete the quest to reveive a Ticket.

Now you can use this Golden Ticket and enter a mini dungeon. Every Ticket can be used once, and once you enter a mini-dungeon, your ticket will disappear. The dungeon has got a thiry minute timer.

Do you want more tickets? Then there are two ways to get more tickets!

  • Purchase a Golden Temple Invitation in the Cash Shop. Double click it in your inventory, and obtain a Premium Golden Ticket. With this ticket you can enter mini dungeons unlimitedly for one hour.
  • Another way is to complete the quest from Mr.Yoo.  In this quest you have to collect from any monster in the Maple World.
Now I will explain you how to join a mini dungeon. Since I’m 70+, I have to move to the mirrored side of the Golden Temple, which is 70+. Talk to an NPC with a portal next to it. Choose the upper option and select the mini dungeon you like. Then you’ll be teleported to the dungeon you chose.
There are also more quests to do according to your level. I got a lvl 120+ quest named ‘Tourist Site: A Wild Monkey mess‘ from Mr.Yoo. I have to collect 50 Banana Peels and eliminate 100 Wild Monkeys.
My reward was 176500 exp. Not very much, but better than nothing. I prefer LHC, so I don’t think I’m gonna use the Golden Temple much.
There is another feature in the Golden Temple: Eliminate the feared boss: Ravana.
You need to collect 5 Sunbursts from the Goblins inside the mini-dungeons. You also have to be in a party of at least two people. Then, enter the portal leading to the waiting room. Enter to portal again to face Ravana himself. There is even a chance to obtain the Ravana Helmet if Ravana drops it.
That’s it for now.
A new post including:
  and  are coming soon!
 will come in another post later this month! I hope I can tell you the exact date of when the Cannon Shooters will arrive then!

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