Cannon Shooter (Cannoneer) officially announced!

Yes! Nexon has just announced that the new job, the Cannoneer (in GMS they call them like this) will come to the Maple World in the beginning of December! There’s only one thing to do to get a nice reward when you reach level 10 on a Cannoneer:

  • Go to Facebook.
  • Go to the MapleStory page.
  • Click ‘Like’.
If you have already done this, great! If you haven’t, do this! MapleStory needs 700.000 Likes by November 30th. If they reach it, there will be a 8 hour 2x Drop and Exp Weekend, and when you reach level 10 on the Cannoneer you made by December 9th, you’ll get an exclusive Decorative Item (Don’t know what it is yet)!
So people, PLEASE Like the MapleStory page on Facebook to get an even better start of December! Please tell your friends, family, whoever you know to Like!
I don’t know yet when Nexon will release the next two Legends, but I hope the Mercedes will come this year!
Oh, and Nexon wants to have a unique name for the Update: Legends! Personally, I like Legend more, but I also like it that gMS also comes up with alternative names, like Ascension, Canonneer, Legends…!
Nexon has posted some videos on YouTube to introduce you to the upcoming Jobs! There’s the Legends trailer, the Cannoneer preview, and an audition for adding a new class, which results into the Cannoneer!
Click ‘Read More Of This Post’ to see these movies!
P.S: I’m sorry there are no white lines (Enters, Idk how to say) in the post. I tried, but it won’t let me o.O
P.P.S: 2 New Events are there, so a next post is coming today or tomorrow! (16-11 or 17-11)

16 thoughts on “Cannon Shooter (Cannoneer) officially announced!

  1. to obtain the decorative item it must be only on december 9 or it could be also on december 7 and 8??? someone please help

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