GMS v1.3 & New Events!

Update 20.11.2011: Added info about Calico Mack! Scroll down to see it.

After the maintenance, which has ended today, two new events are added, and GMS v1.3 is here! This new version contains small things, such as Echo Microphone changes, and a Cash Shop update, and more! :)

The two Events are: Thanksgiving! and Find The Treasure Map! 

I wanted to post the Patch Notes of v1.3, but Nexon had deleted the Maintenance announcement after it was completed.. So I can only tell you what I know.

The things I know are:

  • GM Board now fades your message in, and it keeps standing there for 10 seconds now.
  • UI of GM Board changed.
  • New Cash Items.
  • New Gachapon Items.
  • New Button in Event Screen to accept the quest immediately.

Not that much and not very exciting, but keep in mind that in about 20 days the Cannoneer will arrive in GMS!

Click ‘Read more of this Post’ to read about the two new Events!

Let’s start with the Find The Treasure Map! event. (2011.11.16 – 2011.11.29)

To begin participating in this event, accept the quest at the left on your screen, or go to your Event Window and click on the ‘Available‘ button.

When you’ve accepted and completed the quest, you’ll get a Pirate Treasure Map Book as reward. Open it up to see the rewards you’ve already earned and those you have to earn yet.

(The event duration showed in this picture is wrong).

After this all, two new quests show up at the left on your screen.

The most important is: Find the Treasure Map! You will have to find 6  .  You can only get them from monsters which are at least less than 11 levels lower than you and less than 21 levels higher than you. (However, this is bugged. I found those pieces at Jr.Yetis o.O)

I recommend travel to any monster in this level range and start hunting! The pieces are numbered from 1 to 6. When you have found them all, turn the quest in to Cassandra. You get a quest at the left side on your screen.

Heres an example of Pirate King’s Treasure Map <1st Piece>:

The quest should be completed very fast. I killed 5 monsters, and I had found all the pieces.. I think it’s a bug, but not a bad bug. :)

When you have done this, you should get your reward if this is the 1st, 3rd, 5th or 7th day you do this!

The rewards are:

  • Treasure Map Hunt Day 1 (Check 16.11): Power Elixir x 20
  • Treasure Map Hunt Day 3(Check 18.11): Continental Return Scroll x 3, Power Elixir x 30
  • Treasure Map Hunt Day 5(Check 20.11): Scroll for Hand Cannon for ATT 65% x 3, Power Elixir x 50
  • Treasure Map Hunt Day 7: Legendary Gilded Giant (This is a Cannoneer’s weapon, so be sure to obtain this weapon!)
Scroll for Hand Cannon for ATT 65% and Legendary Gilded Giant can be moved within your account. (Weapon can be moved once)

Every time you complete this quest, you get 1x Mimir’s Well Water for Cannon Shooters.

I think I’ll save these items for my Cannoneer, since I can’t use them anymore on my Mechanic. That way I’ll level a little bit faster! :)

Then, there’s another quest in this Event: Calico Mack, the Pirate King. Cassandra explains Calico Mack has disappeared, and you’ll have to find him. there are a lot of places he could be. These spots are just suggestions.

Just find the Calico Mack of around your level, that’s fine.

If you’ve found Calico Mack, the Pirate King kill him! This takes about 2 minutes.

Looks a bit like Captains :)

After you killed him, he drops a Pirate King’s Treasure Chest that you can open by Double Clicking it.

You can get scrolls, potions, equips and Pirate King’s Great Gold Coin. You can sell this coin in shops for 50.000 mesos. He also gives a nice amount of Exp! Calico Mack is just a bit the same as Ergoth in the Knights of Virtue event: Kill it to get a box with a reward in it. If you don’t know what the Knights of Virtue event is, go here.


The second event: Thanksgiving! This event runs from November 16 – November 30!

As usual, accept the event quest at the left side of your screen, or click ‘Available’ in the Event window. This event doesn’t really have objectives to get rewards, but it’s just about killing Turkeys!

Turkeys will occasionally appear in the following areas:

  • Golem’s Temple 
  • Mushroom Castle – Castle Walls 
  • around Korean Folk Town 
  • Minar Forest

Sometimes, when you find a Turkey and kill it, it may drop various Scrolls and restorative items.

There’s nothing more special about this event. Just lookin’ and killin’.. :P

This is it for now, check back soon, because I will update this post when I’ve found Calico Mack!


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