Gaga’s New Business

Hi there! A new event has started today! I will explain the whole event to you! :)

The event is called Gaga’s New Business! This event runs from 11.23.2011 to 12.06.2011, and the level requirement is 13. I’m wondering why every event has a level requirement of level 13, why not 10? :P Well, this event is not hard to complete, and you can get rewards for completing the event a few times! In MapleStory, the event has another name than the MapleStory website says… But there’s probably a reason for that.

To read all the details and my experiences about this event, click ‘Read more of this post’!

To start Gaga’s New Business, simply click the Star-shaped button on the left of your screen to start the quest: Gaga’s New Business. You can also click the ‘Available’ button in the picture above. Accept the quest.

Here you can see the quest dialogue:

So, after you have accepted the quest, you should obtain the Monkey Doll Recovery Record. This is another Quest Attendance book where you can see the rewards you can get for completing the event on several days.

I will write all the rewards down later in this post. But first I explain you how to even complete the quest. First of all, accept the quest: Find My Monkey Dolls! Gaga says to you you have to bring back his 30 lost Monkey Dolls. All the monsters of 10 levels under your level and 20 levels above your level can drop those Monkey Dolls. Since I am level 129, I can find the Dolls at monsters from level 119 to 149.

When I started to kill monsters, I noticed immediately that collecing the items are way more difficult than collecting them in Find the Treasure Map! event. It takes much time to find those Monkey Dolls! I think it’s a bug again. Anybody who was hunting for Monkey Dolls for like an hour found only 4 of the 30 Dolls… Well, I’ll try to collect them all to show you the rewards and stuff, but I can’t promise I’ll do this whole event.

After you’ve found all the needed items, you should get a Quest Notifier (= ) from Gaga to complete the quest and receive your daily reward and/or Event reward. As in other events, you can get these rewards on the 1st3rd, 5th and 7th day you complete this Event Quest. The daily rewards in this event are: a Mighty Banana and a Mimir’s Well Water for Cannon Shooters.


As you can see, the Mighty Banana will give your character Exp based on your level. Mimir’s Well Water for Cannon Shooters increases the Exp of a Cannoneer by 10% from level 1-49, and 5% from level 50-99. The Mighty Banana can be used by everyone! It’s a bit bugged, though. I don’t think the sentence:”and you can only consume them until July 17th” is right. I think it must be December 17th or something like that.

You can repeat this event 10 minutes after you completed it to get those two daily rewards. The other rewards showed down here are obtainable the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th day you complete the quest.


  • Monkey Dolls Day 1: Power Elixir x 20
  • Monkey Dolls Day 3: Select one: Scroll for Armor ATT 15% or Scroll for Armor Magic ATT 15%Power Elixir x 30
  • Monkey Dolls Day 5: Select one: Scroll for Gloves for ATT 60% or Scroll for Gloves for Magic ATT 60%Power Elixir x 50
  • Monkey Dolls Day 7: Special Potential Scroll x 3, Bling Bling Monkey. (When held by a Cannoneer, the area surrounding the monkey will glow).

I really hope the drop counts of the Monkey Dolls will increase, because I really want that Bling Bling Monkey!

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