Hot Time 12.10.2011 & Mercedes Teaser Site

A new Hot Time event is coming tomorrow at 2:30 PM! If you are a Global Mapler, be sure to be there! Also, the Teaser site of the upcoming Mercedes class has been opened: Click here to view it! No set release date is there yet, but I hope the Mercedes will be coming soon.

Read on to see all the details of the upcoming Hot Time!

Let’s go back to the main subject of this post:

If you want to participate in this event, you have to be online between 2:30 and 2:31. Only then you can get your reward. When you’ve received your box, open it between 3:00 PM – 11:59 PM on December 10th. This time you can obtain very nice items:

Items you get at a 100% chance:

 1 SP Reset Scroll: Resets all SP assigned from 1st – 4th job.

 One of those items which gives you EXP in a trait. I guess the items are ordered like they are in MapleStory.


Items you might get:

Shielding Ward
Scissors of Karma
Hair Salon Coupon (VIP)
Face Coupon (VIP)
Miracle Cube
Owl of Minerva
Super Megaphone
The Robot Stand: 1 Day
Defense Charm
Wheel of Destiny
Aura Ring
Hero of Legend medal
Abyss Executioner
Abyss Bardiche
Abyss Allargando
Abyss Pescas
Abyss Killic
Abyss Katara
Abyss Enreal Tear
Abyss Aeas Hand
Abyss Nibleheim
Abyss Tabarzin
Abyss Bellocce
Abyss Alchupiz
Abyss Diesra
Abyss Engaw
Abyss Black Beauty
Abyss Lampion
Abyss Equinox
Abyss Blindness
Abyss Eradicator
Abyss Blooms

There is also a 2x Drop and Exp going on before the Hot Time!
December 10, 2011 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM Pacific (5:00 PM – 7:00 PM Eastern)
So get online early to hunt some monsters for more Exp :).
Be sure to:
  • be logged on on a lvl 13+ character.
  • have at least one space in your inventory to receive to box.
  • be alive.
  •  be in a map that is accessible regularly (So no Hidden Street I think).
  • Do not change channels.
  • Do not engage in any quests.
  • Do not enter the Cash Shop or MTS.
  • Do not talk to any NPCs or use Gachapon.
  • Do not use your inventory or storage.
  • Do not manage your wedding wish list.
  • Do not enter a mini-dungeon.
  • Do not use a ship or other timed method of transit between locations.

Also some things not to do:

  • Logging in well before 2:30 PM.
  • Being in a town that isn’t heavily frequented by other Maplers.
  • Being in a channel that is less populated than others.
  • Avoiding being clustered in large groups.
  • Avoiding performing graphically intensive skills. Remaining still is best.
  • Avoiding Maplers or monsters that might be performing graphically intensive skills.

That’s the Hot Time Event! Now some videos about the upcoming Mercedes uploaded by Nexon:



There one more thing I want to share with you. Nexon has posted another video at their channel:

Looks like the whole Legends patch is coming this year! I’m curious what’s coming next year!


And be sure to check my blog regularly to see a new post of my experiences from the Cannoneer!




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