Legends Events

-Update (12.16.2011)- Added the final picture for the Legends Awards Missions (I think).

-Update (12.15.2011)- Added pictures for 2nd and 3rd mission for Legends awards.

-Update (12.11.2011)- Changed text in Legends 1+1 event and added some pictures. Also added my reward of the Box of Tomorrow event.

A lot of events came with the first part of the Legends update! Not all of them have started yet, but I am going to write about the Events that have started!

There’s one thing I want to say before doing the other events. You remember that MapleStory had to reach 700.000 Likes on Facebook, right? Well, one of the rewards for that was: when you reach level 10 on a Cannoneer by December 9th, you can receive a Legends Balloon (Cash Cape) by going to the Cash Shop. The nicest thing about this is that the Balloon is a Permanent item!

Looks nice, doesn’t it? I know, I still look the same as yesterday, but I haven’t done much on my Cannoneer yet. That will come today :)

So.. Read on to see all those Events!~

Let’s begin with the Legends Awards! (12.07.2011 – 1.31.2012)

During this event, you have to collect all the Trophies obtainable in this event, (and more!). There are 17 Trophies available. To open the Legends

Awards window, press the  button on the left side of your screen. This will open up this window:

I will list a few obtainable Trophies:

  • Legendary Participant Trophy: Trophy given to those who participated in the Legends Awards.
  • Seeker of Power Trophy: Trophy obtained by completing the Great Protector event.
  • Lucky Legend Trophy: Trophy obtained by completing the Rock-Paper-Scissors event.
  • Hero of Legends Trophy: The ultimate Trophy of Trophies. Whoever carries this has earned all of the Legends Awards trophies.

And so on, 13 more Trophies :).

When you’ve earned a Trophy, a message will appear above the Trophy list.

Then there’s the Legends Awards Missions tab. Here you can see all missions you can complete. Rewards of these missions are: Legends Coins, and sometimes a scroll, aswell as Cash Items.

When you have completed a mission, a message appears, you get your reward and the gray spot becomes blue.

Let’s move on to another part of the Legends Awards, other missions! There are 9 missions to complete, only 4 are shown in the Legends Awards Application you get though. These are the main 4 missions. The other 5 are like side-missions.

1st Mission – Finding Golden Ornaments

In this Mission, you have to collect 30 Golden Ornaments from any monster of at least 10 levels below you and 20 above you, and deliver them to Gaga in order to receive :

  • Chocolate Trophies
  • Legends Awards Coin
Complete this Mission three times to move on to the second mission.
(Completing the First mission! Accept and complete it when you have completed the first mission three times. Receive Exp and Legends Awards Coin).
2nd Mission – Finding Fireworks
Collect 30 Fireworks from any monster of at least 10 levels below you and 20 above you.
  • Chocolate Trophies
  • Legends Awards Coin
Complete this mission 5 times to go on with the third mission.

(Completing the Second mission! Accept and complete it when you have completed the second mission five times. Receive Exp and Legends Awards Coin).

3rd Mission – Finding Glass Marbles

Collect 30 Glass Marbles from any monster of at least 10 levels below you and 20 above you and return them to Gaga.


  • Chocolate Trophies
  • Legends Awards Coin

You will be able to start the next mission once you clear this quest 7 times.

(Completing the Third mission! Accept and complete it when you have completed the third mission seven times. Receive Exp and Legends Awards Coin).

4th Mission – Finding Shiny Light Bulbs

Collect 30 Shiny Light Bulbs from monsters and give them to Gaga.


  • Chocolate Trophies
  • Legends Awards Coin

(Completing the Fourth mission! Accept and complete it when you have completed the fourth mission ten times).

(Maple World’s Master Volunteer. Receive the ”Volunteer King” Trophy and Legends Awards Coin by completing: Completing the Fourth mission!).

Finally, there’s the Coin Shop. Go to the coin shop by clicking on  in the Legends Awards window. In the Coin Shop you can buy Equipments, Recipes, Scrolls and ”Special” items for the Legends Awards coins you have collected from several events going on now. I will write about those events later in this post. Here are some items you can buy. I am not showing all of them, because if I do, the post will become very long and boring :P.


If you want to know what you can buy in other tabs, please let me know in the comments!

Let’s move on to the next event now: Box of Tomorrow. (12.07.2011 ~ 12.28.2011)

This event is as simple as possible. Every day you can talk with the Maple Administrator. She gives you a Legends Awards Box of Tomorrow.

After this, you have to wait till the next day after 12:00 AM to open it.

The only reward I got so far is:

  • 1x Wizard Potion

Rewards other people got are potions, pills, scrolls, VIP Teleport Rock, hair coupons, Legends Coins and much more! So there’s a wide variety of items you can get.

Next event: New Class Creation Event (12.08.2011 – 01.31.2012)

The requirement for this event is a Cannoneer, Mercedes or a Demon Slayer. Only one character of every class per account can participate in this event. When the character gets it’s 2nd, 3rd, 4th job, it receives Legends Coins.

  • 2nd job advancement: 1 coin
  • 3rd job advancement: 3 coins
  • 4th job advancement: 6 coins

Also, when the character reaches level 50, it receives a Legends Ring. This ring grows when you grow stronger, and the ring can be shared with other characters within the account. The ring can be equipped with Lilin’s Ring, Explorer’s Ring, and Resistance Ring.

When the character reaches level 70, the character can get a Special Mastery Book, which has a 100% chance to raise a 4th Job skills Master Level to its max.

Legends Never Give Up! (12.08.2011 – 01.31.2012) event is next.

Cannoneers, Mercedes and Demon Slayers can’t participate in this event. You need a pre-existing job for it. When the desired character reaches level 50, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95 and 100, it gets: Legends Never Give Up! x3: Double-click it to receive a 1.5x EXP buff for 1 hour. Untradeable.

Next up is Legends Space Rock (12.08.2011 – 01.31.2012)

Accept the quest by clicking the Legends Icon on the left of your screen to get a Legends Space Rock.

As the description says, you can teleport every 30 minutes to the town of your choice. It says that it’s usable until 1.21.2012, but I read that it expires after one day…

Double – Click to open up the town selection screen and select where you want to go!

You can repeat this quest every day in order to get a Legends Space Rock,

Still not out of events! Here comes Legends 1+1! (12.08.2011 – 01.31.2012)

This event also requires a Cannoneer, Mercedes or Demon Slayer. When the character reaches level 30 and 70, it gets a potion that gives you the amount needed toreach that level. So enough to get from 1 to 30 and from 30 to 70.


They’re nice, aren’t they!?

You can also see the bottle filling up in the Exp Gauge window. Until level 30 it’s blue. Until level 70 it’s green.


When the gauge is full, it empties itself, but now  1/3 of the bottle is filled. So I guess you have to do this three times in order to get the bottle in your inventory, (So reach level 30). If you have done this, double click it and see your exp bar filling up! When the bottle is empty, it will disappear. This way, I leveled up my Cannoneer from level 30 to 36!

Last but not least, Professions Revamp Celebration. (12.08.2011 – 12.28.2011)

The requirements of this event are: level 30+ and you must have done your 2nd job advancement. Every time you level up a profession, you get Legends Awards Coins. You also get Coins by learning two professions. Every time you level up a profession, you can obtain you Coins in a quest notifier on the left of the screen. In my case it are these two quests:

After clicking on these quests, you get a message:

Click Accept and you’ve just got your coins!

A bonus to this event is:

  • At level 4 of your Mining or Herbalism profession, you get one free Intermediate Mine or Herb Patch.
  • At level 7 of your Mining or Herbalism profession, you get one free Expert Mine or Herb Patch.
Finally, you can borrow Cole’s Golden Pickaxe or Saffron’s Golden Shovel for a limited time only.
Since I have the Mining Profession, I can only show you Cole’s Golden Pickaxe.

However, Saffron’s Golden Shovel gives: Herbalism Skill Level +1, Harvesting Speed Increase +120%

These are the Events for now, more coming soon! I think I didn’t write all things I had to do. If you notice something which isn’t in this post, please leave a comment!


4 thoughts on “Legends Events

  1. If level 55 I missing out my legend never give up quest to get the 1.5exp for 1 hour, i’m still can get it on level 60?

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