Mercedes has arrived!

Hi there people! I just came back from school, and I didn’t see any mainenance thingy on the MapleStory website. I thought, come on Nexon.. seriously. RELEASE THE MERCEDES!! But when I logged in I saw that they were already released :D! I’m gonna make mine later today or tomorrow, because I’m very busy at the moment. I will also put a video of the Mercedes’ tutorial on my YouTube channel:

A post with all the changes/fixes/new stuff with pictures is coming soon too! (My experiences).

And oh yeah, for the people who want to make a Mercedes, but have no Character Slot left, don’t worry! Everybody has been given a free Character Slot Expansion Coupon again! So I think this will happen too at the release of the Demon Slayer. Unfortunately, there isn’t a Teaser Site open for the Demon Slayer yet, but I think it will open up soon!

Thanks for reading my short post! :)


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