New events!

Events, event and events!  A lot of events have started. This post is also a bit late, but that doesn’t matter I hope! Mostly new Christmas events has started, but other ones too. Well, read on if you want to see the events!

Oh, and one more thing:

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! :)

(Didn’t make the picture myself!)

Let’s start with the events that have started which were in the Cannoneer update.

Maple Claws Wants to be Famous (12.19.2011 – 12.31.2011)

In this event, Maple Claws gives you a quest: Maple Claws wants to be famous!.

This is Maple Claws. Sweet, isn’t he/she? He/she also runs another event which is the next event in this post. (I think it’s a she :))

So.. Maple Claws asks you to collect 100 Flashy Buttons from any monster in the Maple World I think. If not, it should be a monster of less than 11 levels below you, and less than 21 levels above you.

When you’ve collected 100 Flashy Buttons, turn the quest in at Maple Claws, who is in every town, or just complete it at the Star icon on the left of your screen. There’s one strange thing: you are not getting a Attendance Book, like you get in other events.

However, there are rewards for completing this quest on the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th day. (This quest is repeatable, but you’ll only get some EXP based on your level).


  • Day 1: Legends Awards Coin (+EXP)
  • Day 2: Power Elixirs (+EXP)
  • Day 5: 1.5 x EXP buff coupons (+EXP)
  • Day 7: Miraculous Chaos Scroll (+EXP)

I think that’s it for this event, so let’s move on to the next one!

Rudolph, All Grown Up? (12.19.2011 – 12.31.2011)

You have to talk to Maple Claws again in this event in order to receive the event quest: Rudolph, All Grown Up? Maple Claws wants you to search for the lost Rudolph (the red-nosed reindeer!). Sometimes he shows up in a random map and kill him (well, hit him until he wants to go help Claws delivering presents). Every hit you do does 25 damage.

After his HP bar is empty, NOT DEAD, no, just empty, talk to Maple Claws again to turn in the quest. You’ll receive:

Rudolph’s Shiny Nose is a Face Accessory.


You can’t see Rudolph’s Shiny Nose very good, but it makes you look nicer!


You can repeat this quest every 5 minutes, and every time you do this you obtain 3 Legends Coins and Rudolph’s Shiny Nose. So this is a good way to earn many Legends Coins!



Let’s move on to the last Cannoneer patch – related event:

Cultivate a Christmas Tree (12.19.2011 – 12.31.2011)

Accept the quest: Cultivate a Christmas Tree! from Gaga. Gaga gives you a Christmas Tree Journal. This is an attendance book, like many other events have.

If you double-click it, you’ll see this:

I’ll list all the rewards in the post later in this part of the post.

First of all, let’s write what this event actually is about. After you’ve accepted and completed the previous quest, Gaga gives you another, called: A tree for every day! He gives you a Potted Christmas Tree.

Double-click at the item to put it in your Item Pot. When you’ve done that, feed him some Equipment to get him asleep. Feeding higher level equipment means that the tree’s fullness will increase faster. When the fullness bar is filled up, the tree goes to sleep, and wakes up after 30 minutes.

When the tree has woken up again, it’s fully grown and you can double-click it to get Small Christmas Tree.

   Double-Click to get this:      

As the description says, take the Small Christmas Tree to Gaga. Gaga asks you to give the Tree to him. You’ll get a reward when you have grown the tree for the 1st, 3rd, 5th or 7th day. When it is the 2nd, 4th or 6th day, you get no reward. But hey, if you don’t grow it at those days, you aren’t even able to get a reward! :) So, when it’s the 1st, 3rd, 5th or 7th day, you should  get a quest with the reward!


  • 1st Day: Power Elixirs x100
  • 3rd Day: Continental Return Scroll
  • 5th Day: Secret Recipe x3
  • 7th Day: Advanced Equip Enhancement Scroll

Oh, and one more thing about this event, look at the second picture here about this event. It says: 50 Power Elixirs but I got 100 o.O!  So the description isn’t right..


With the Meredes Update, 3 new events have started.

The first one, Free Character Slot Coupon, doesn’t need much information. Just log into a character, and you will notice a Character Slot Coupon in your inventory under the ”USE”  Tab. Double-click on it to get an additional character slot in the world you’re currenty playing. Per account and per world, you can only receive one Coupon, and you won’t be able to receive one when you already have the max number of slots (15).

Let’s go on with the other 2 events!

Welcome Back Gift (12.19.2011 – 01.31.2012)

This event is just for people who didn’t log in on their account since 11.08.2011. If you belong to those people, a 2x EXP coupon: four hours of 2x EXP every day for 10 days, from 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM Pacific is waiting for you in the Cash Shop! Also here, one coupon per world and per account.


The last event:

New Player Welcome Gifts (12.19.2011 – 01.31.2012)

Only people who created their account between 12.19.2011and 1.31.2012, are participating in this event. To give them a nice start, Nexon’s handing out nice items to those people. They must do something to receive the items though.

When you reach level 10 on a new account, you’ll receive a 7-day Hyper Teleport Rock and a 7-day Tiger Mount. Receive them in the Cash Shop.

Hyper Teleport Rock : Double-click on it and you can go to any map in the whole Maple World you want! You can use the Rock as many times as you want.

Tiger Mount :

Double-click on the ZD Tiger 7-Day Use Coupon in the Cash tab in your inventory to obtain a tiger coupon in the USE tab. Clickthat coupon to learn the mount skill (must be at least level 13). After that, look in your Skill window for the Mount button, and double-click on the Tiger Mount! You’ll see yourself sitting on the back of this nice, big tiger friend! If you don’t know yet, your movement speed and jump will increase with a large amount when riding your mount.


When you reach level 30 on a new account, you’ll receive a 14-day Penguin pet!

Penguin pet : To see what you can do with pets, look here:


Well, this were all the new events! Other event will start soon, so expect a post with those events soon!

Happy Mapling!



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