More brand new events!

Nexon welcomes us to 2012 with some new exciting events. Some events in this post started in 2011 though. But that doesn’t matter, because they are all fun to do!

In this post you can see 9 events! So read on to read about them.

There’s one more thing I want to share with you: I’ve got an Annual Report from my blog mailed by WordPress. This is a report where you can see many things about my visitors, posts and other things. Well, click on the picture below to see it!

Okay, I’ll move on the the events:

Commander Emblems (12.27.2011 – 01.10.2012) (Level 13+)

To start this event, talk to Gaga. Accept the quest: [Legends] Command Emblems. Gaga asks you to collect 50 Command Emblems. You can find those Commander Emblems from monsters which are less than 10 levels below you, and less than 20 level above you.

When you’ve collected 50 of them, turn them in at Gaga. Gaga will give you a reward every day you complete the quest, and on the 3rd, 5th and 7th day an extra reward. There’s no attendance book in this event, but you can see your progress in the quest log.

When you scroll down in the upper screen, you can see the 3rd, 5th and 7th day reward, and when you scroll down in the bottom screen, you can see the daily reward.


  • Legends Awards Coin x1
  • 3rd day:   (+1 Legends Awards Coin)
  • 5th day:   (+1 Legends Awards Coin)
  • 7th day:   (+1 Legends Awards Coin)
This event is repeatable once a day.

Path of the Great Protector (12.29.2011 – 01.18.2012) (Level 13+)

The event can be started by accepting the quest ”Path of the Great Protector” from Cassandra. This quest is completed automatically. You’ll get the items needed for this event:

With the Training Stone you can receive the buff of this event. I’ll explain you more about this stone a bit later in this post, aswell as the Training Journal (attendance book).

After you’ve obtained the rewards, Cassandra has 2 more quests for you. The first one: Great Fortitude Field. This isn’t actually a real quest, since you can’t accept nor complete it. It just shows you the maps where this event can be done.

Select one of the options. In the picture below, I chose ”View all hunting grounds”.

In all the maps in this list, such as Ellinia Forest, Golem Temple, Kerning Square, Chryse, Dragon Forest and many more, you can fill up the Gauge of Great Fortitude.

Every time you hit a monster, one hit will be counted on the gauge. You can see if you hit a monster. After any hit, a number shows up above the Great Fortitude Gauge.

When you’ve hitted monster for total 500 times, the gauge is starting to glow, and an ”attack” button appears. That means you have to press the regular attack button in order to receive the ”Great Fortitude” buff. The Training Stone Cassandra gave you earlier gives this buff.

The buff gives:

For 60 minutes

  • Weapon and Magic Attack + 30
  • Max Speed and Jump

When you have this buff, there’s a green glowing flame round your character, and during the buff, the gauge cannot be filled up. You have to wait until the buff’s over.

If you don’t know what to do, there’s always the second quest Cassandra gave you: About Great Fortitude. This is also not a real quest. Cassandra just explains you again what to do, and in return for reading, she gives you some EXP based on your level.

As you’ve read in the beginning of this part of the post, you received a Training Journal. This is an attendance book. You can see your progress of the event here, and you can also see the rewards that are waiting for you.

As you can see, there are many rewards, from the 3rd day of completion to the 10th day of completion . I’ll list them down here.

  • Day 3: Power Elixirs
  • Day 4: Legends Awards Coin x2
  • Day 5: Scroll for Eye Accessory stat +2 60%
  • Day 6: Legends Awards Coins x3
  • Day 7: Accessory ATT or Magic ATT Scroll 15%
  • Day 8: Legends Awards Coins x5
  • Day 9: Pendant of the Spirit Coupon (3-day, coupon is tradable)
  • Day 10:
  1.  Legendary Great Protector Trophy
  2.  Elven Glasses

Monitoring the Vibrations (12.29.2011 – 01.18.2012) (Level 13+)

Accept the quest: Monitoring the Vibrations from Cassandra. She gives you a Good Vibe Detector.

As you can read in the picture, you have to hold this Vibe Detector in your Set-up inventory for 30 minutes. Don’t go offline, no, stay online. After those minutes a message appears that you’ve hold the Detector long enough in your inventory.

After that, the Good Vibe Detector turns into a Completed Good Vibe Detector.

Turn the Good Vibe Detector in at Cassandra and she’ll give you EXP and 1 Legends Awards Coin. This event can be accepted again a few seconds after completing it.


Legendary Ore (12.29.2011 – 01.18.2012) (Level 13+)

The quest ”[Legends] Legendary Ore” from Cassandra must be accepted to start the event. She gives you Legendary Ore.

Wait 30 minutes, and the Legendary ore will be turned into Legendary Gold.

When you’ve returned the Legendary Gold back to Cassandra, she gives you

  • 1 Legends Awards Coin
  • Legends Awards Buff (Lv.1,2,3 or 4) Max HP+ and Weapon/Magic Defense+ for 30 minutes.

This quest is also available again after a few seconds.

Note: Be sure to accept the quest immediately when you can, so you can keep the buff going!


Happy New Year! (01.01.2012 – 01.18.2012) (Level 13+)

Accept the quest: ”New Year’s Event: Happy New Year!” from Maple Administrator to start the event. You have to collect several letters dropped by monsters:


That means: 1xH, 2xA, 2xP, 2xY, 1xN, 2xE, 1xW, 1xR.

When you’ve collected all these letters, you may turn them in at Maple Administrator. She gives you a Devil’s Dice in return.

Double-click the dice, and see what’s in it. You’ll get a random reward. There were 20 Pure Waters in the dice above. I think the rewards are what they always are: Pots, scrolls, equips and other cunsumables (maybe Etc. drops?). It could also be totally random! Like you can get any item existing in MapleStory. Well, I don’t think that that’s true. :(

This event is repeatable once a day.


Maple World Winter Preparations (01.01.2012 – 01.18.2012) (Level 13+/100+)

To prepare the Maple World for the winter, there’s an winter preparation event! In this event, in several towns, there are NPC’s who want you to collect items for them. Each of them want different items. The items they ask are only obtainable by monster around that town.

I’ll list the NPC’s available here. (Note that some quests are not available to you if the monsters in that town are too low or too high for you. Also note that these towns are not sorted on level.)

  • Korean Folk Town – Chumji
  • Aquarium – Kenta
  • Sleepywood – Sabitrama
  • El Nath – Jade
  • Ludibrium – Marcel
  • Leafre – Chief Tatamo
  • Herb Town – Mr. Ku
  • Magatia – Humanoid A
  • Orbis – Ericsson

I can’t write more down, since I do not have characters that can accept other quests from other towns. I know one more thing:

  • Henesys – Mrs. Ming Ming

I’m explaining one of those to you. Let’s choose Sleepywood. Sabitrama asks you to collect 20 Fire Flowers for him.

Those Fire Flowers can be found by monsters in the Sleepywood  dungeon. (Drakes, Wild Kargos, Tauromacis’, etc..)

When you’ve collected 20 of these, return them to Sabitrama and you’ll get a Legends Awards Coin and some Exp as reward. One thing is not clear to me: The MapleStory site says you get a Legends Awards Coin, but the Quest Log says that you get a Snowdrop Coin. I don’t know, I will update this post when I know what I get.

The quests are repeatable, so you can do them all over again, but there’s a limit of 20 Legends Awards Coins you can obtain per day, so you can do the quests total 20 times per day.

Warm Thermometer (01.01.2012 – 01.18.2012) (Level 13+)

Accept the quest: ”Warm Thermometer” from Cassandra. She gives you a Warm Thermometer. You can check the temperature of your body’s heart with it.

When you double-click it, a window appears with the current temperature of your body. It starts at 0 degrees.

To fill up the thermometer, (that’s the goal of the event), you have to collect ”1 Degree” items from monsters.

(Tee hee, you can’t see me! :P)

You need 15 Degrees to fill up the whole thermometer. While the thermometer window is open, drag and drop the degrees from your inventory to the Thermometer until it is filled up!


You can complete the quest now. Return to Cassandra, complete the quest and she gives you:

  • 10 Legends Awards Coins
  • Exp
Choose one:
  •  Red Waist Warmer (3-day) –  Str +2, Dex +2 , Weapon Att +2, Weapon Defense +50 (Level req: 13)
  •  Blue Waist Warmer (3-day) – Int +2, Luk +2, Magic Att +2, Magic Defense +50 (Level req: 13)

This quest is repeatable once a day.


Lucky Cakes (01.01.201 – 01.18.2012)

Accept the quest “Collect Lucky Cakes!”  from Cassandra. She wants you to collect 5o Lucky Cakes. 

Those Lucky Cakes are dropped by every monster in the Maple World, so if you want to collect them fast, search a map with many monsters in it ;)

When you’ve collected all 50, you can complete the quest. Return to Cassandra, and she’ll give you 1000 Exp and  1 Legends Awards Coin.

You can accept the quest again after a few seconds, so it’s repeatable :P.  Note: The quest items can be found too when the quest isn’t started yet, so you can collect very much of them, and then turn them in!


Coin Cakes (01.01.201 – 01.18.2012)

Accept the quest ”Find Legendary Coin Cakes!” from Cassandra to start the event. You have to collect 30 Legendary Coin Cakes for her.

These Cakes are also dropped by all monsters in the Maple World. When you’ve collected them all, you can recturn them to Cassandra. She gives rewards in return:

  • Legendary Coin Cake Buff:  
  • 1000 Exp

Well, this were the events this time. More events are starting on January 11th, along with the release of the Demon Slayer! I think the post with the events starting will be in the same post as the Demon Slayer post ;)


2 thoughts on “More brand new events!

  1. Do you know how to report someone? I really need to know, there is a guy who’s threatens me that he will report me couze i won’t give him my shield and he says “Give me all your stuff or i will report you!!” He was nice before he gave me 200k then the next day he got really mad for some reason.

    Please tell me how to report him.

    • Log in to the nexon site, click ‘Get Support’. When you are there, click ‘My Tickets’. You’ll be taken to the tickets overview. Click ‘Submit a ticket’, which is next to the search button. Here you can fill in all info needed to report the person you want to report. Be sure to include a picture and enough info! After that, click finish, and wait till you get a response from Nexon. This would take a few weeks, or months in my case..

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