GMS v.105 – Year of the Dragon

[Update] 23-1-2012: Added Legendary Black Dragon Ring picture. Thanks to Gustavo Moreno for this picture! Also changed sentence at the Pink Zakum event.

2012 is the year of the Dragon, and therefor Nexon has released a new update: The Year of the Dragon. I don’t know why this maintenance was called an ”update”, since there are only some new events. However, there’s another great thing: the Dual Blader, Cannoneer, Mercedes and Demon Slayer are going to be unable to create in March. I think this means that the next big update is coming in March: the reorganization of all the classes, except the 4 classes I just mentioned. I’m thinking this, because Nexon Korea had also restricted the creation of one of these classes before. Note: The already existing characters will NOT be deleted!

Well, to read about the main part of this post, read on!

Pink Zakum Raid (January 18 – January 31) (Level 30+)

Every day, at 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30 PM Pacific, you’ll get a Walkie Talkie Notification above your head to join the battle against Pink Zakum. Since these times are at night for me (3:30, 4:30 and 5:30 AM) I can’t really participate in this event. Anyway, I’ve got a picture of Pink Zakum.

As you can see, everyone in this map hit 99.999 damage. No matter what level your are (well, at least 30+).

Accept the quest you get, and you’ll be moved to the waiting room. After a few seconds, the fight against Pink Zakum begins!

Here are some more things you should know about this event:

  • You’ll be given HP, MP and Speed buffs when you enter the battle, with max. 39 other Maplers.
  • This Zakum is weaker than the original one.
  • You have 20 minutes to kill Pink Zakum.
  • To leave this map, talk to Researcher H. 
  • You’ll remain in the fight when you die. Just enter the portal to go back to the fighting room.

When you’ve defeated Pink Zakum, you’ll be moved to another room. Talk to Head Researcher Wynn to claim your reward. Rewards you can get are:

  • special Teleport Rock (1 time use, expires after 30 minutes)
  • Gift box that can contain a Pink Zakum Chair (tradeable), a Pink Zakum Helmet, or a trait EXP item.
  • Pink Zakum Helmet: REQ LEV: 30, STR/DEX/INT/LUK + 3, Weapon/Magic DEF +50, ACC/AVOID +20, 10 upgrade slots unhammered, untradeable.

The buffs which were given to you, will still be active after you’ve defeated Pink Zakum. If you’ve not defeated it, the buffs will be removed.

Evolving Ring III (January 18 – January 31) (Level 30+)

Talk to Gaga, and select ”Evolving Ring Event !!!” in the chat window. You can choose between three options: What is an Evolving Ring, I want a ring and I want to upgrade my ring. If you choose the first option, you’ll be explained what an Evolving Ring is. The other option, the most important now is: I want a ring. Gaga gives you an ”Evolving Ring III Lv. 0”.

The only thing you have to do now is: wait an hour. Do everything you want in that hour, but after the hour, your ring will be upgraded to a level 1 ring.

A ring is upgradable once a day, and it’s max level is 10. To get your ring to level 10, just follow these steps:

Log in the next day and talk to Gaga again. Select the option ”I want to upgrade my ring.” Gaga gives you an Evolving Ring Upgrade Potion Box.

After waiting an hour, the box turns into a potion. Be sure to not log out when you are holding this item. It may disappear.

Return this to Gaga and ask again for an upgrade. Gaga will increase your ring by one level! Also a nice message shows up when you’ve held your box for an hour.

Repeat this every day to get your ring to level 10! The level 10 ring has got nice stats!

Like I said before, you can repeat this once a day.

Daily Gear Giveaway (January 18 – January 31)

Gaga is giving away Cash Items! Accept the quest: Daily Gear Giveaway! from Gaga. After accepting the quest, he gives you one of the 50 available Cash Rewards!

The first time I completed it I got a Blue Turban. This thing is a bit ugly, so I took it off immediately after taking the picture!

This event is also very nice to boost up your Charm experience, because Cash Items give Exp. when equipped.

This quest is repeatble once a day.

New Year’s Gift Boxes (January 18 – January 31)

To celebrate the Year of the Dragon, monsters are placed in various towns which are carrying a gift with them. You can locate such a monster by looking for a monster with a ”Happy New Year” and a “Click” sign above their heads.

Click on it to let it drop a New Year’s Gift Box. 

This box contains items such as potions, equipments, trait EXP items, secret recipes and a buff. Double Click it to find out what’s in your box! Note that there are more than one monster in a town. I also saw a Mr. Alli, Kid Mannequin and a Samiho. Only 20 boxes can be opened per day.

One more thing: Be quick with clicking on a monster. All of the players in the Maple World are looking for these monsters, and once it’s clicked by any player (in your channel), you have to wait 10 minutes before you can click it again. Here’s the list of towns the monsters are in.

Kerning City
Lith Harbor
El Nath
Korean Folk Town
Mu Lung
Herb Town

If you’re smart, you choose an uncrowded town, so you have (almost) all the monsters for yourself.

These were the events which were added in this update. There are also five other events which have already started, but I’m talking about just three of them.

Legendary Black Dragon (January 18 – January 31)

To start this event, talk to Cassandra and accept the quest: ”Find the Legendary Black Dragon Wings!”. Cassandra asks you to collect 50 Wings of the Legendary Black Dragon. These Wings are dropped by Legendary Black Dragons, which look exactly the same as Manon but the color.

These Dragons have one HP, so they’re easy to kill. I found them in Dragon Forest I in Leafre. They spawn about every 5 seconds. When you’ve killed one, there’s a 100% chance of dropping a Wing.

(Woops, I’m wearing my hat again! I had to, to make space in my inventory!)

Anyway, when you’ve collected 50 of those wings, return the quest to Cassandra. She gives you a Legendary Black Dragon Gift Box. 

Double click it to receive your reward. The box may contain restorative items, scrolls, Legends Awards Coins, traits items, and a Legendary Black Dragon Ring:

Thanks to Gustavo Moreno for this picture!

This quest is repeatable a few seconds after you’ve completed it. The wings can also be obtained when you’ve not started the quest.

Rock-Paper-Scissors (January 19 – January 31)

Accept the quest: Mastering Rock-Paper-Scissors from Gaga to start participating in this event. This quest is automatically completed, and Gaga gives you a Rock-Paper-Scissors Score Card. This is an attendance book.

Double click it to open the book (card).

Here you can see how many times you’ve challenged Gaga. Before you can do that, you have to accept and complete the next quest:  Preparing for Rock-Paper-Scissors. Gaga wants you to collect 20 Rock Cards, 20 Paper Cards and 20 Scissors Cards from monsters. The drop rate is very high, so it won’t take much time to collect all of them.

Rock, Paper and Scissor cards look like this:


When you’ve completed the quest, talk to Gaga to turn it in. Everyday you complete the quest, you get another reward. Retrieve the items by accepting the next quest, called Challenging Gaga, Day [1,2,3,4,5,6,7 or 8]. Now, you really have to play rock-paper-scissors with Gaga!

Just schoose rock, paper or scissors. You have to win at least two times to complete the quest.

I chose Rock.

And Gaga chose Paper, so I lost! D:

Gaga wants to play Rock-Paper-Scissors another time. Choose again. This time I chose Paper. He chose Rock, so I lost again! Is it even possible to win?!

  • 3rd time: Scissors – Rock. I lose.
The third time is also the last time. Now I have to complete the quest again. Yay, another three games of Rock-Paper-Scissors.
  • 1st time: Rock – Paper. I lose
  • 2nd time: Rock – Paper. I lose
  • 3rd time: Scissors – Paper. I win!

I won 1 time, so I lost. Let’s give it another try!

  • 1st time: Scissors – Rock. I lose
  • 2nd time: Paper – Rock. I win!
  • 3rd time: Scissors – Scissors. We tied.
I just noticed Gaga is a cheater! I know that I had to win 2 times, but we had both 1,5 win, and Gaga said he won! :O
Well, another time :)
  • Scissors – Rock. I lose
  • Rock – Rock. We tied.
  • Paper – Scissors. I lose.
Damnit, I lost again! Well, to make the post not too long, I’ll only write more games down when I won.
[One minute and one game later]
YAY! I WON! Gaga’s sad now! Okay, for winning today, I’ve got rewarded 2 Legends Awards Coins, as the attendance book said.
Down here, I’ll list the complete list of rewards.
  • Day 1: Legends Awards Coins
  • Day 2: Robby Fray’s Secret Recipe
  • Day 3: Legends Awards Coins
  • Day 4: Advanced Equip Enhancement Scroll
  • Day 5: Legends Awards Coins
  • Day 6: Potential Scroll
  • Day 7: Legends Awards Coins
  • Day 8: Rock-Paper-Scissors Trophy
Wow, I just noticed that the pictures in the Attendance book aren’t all right. Day 2,4 and 6 all show a 60% scroll, but check the list up here. Those things look different. Well, that doesn’t really matter, because I like rewards!
This quest is repeatable once a day.
Let’s move on to the last event:

Can You Resist? (January 19 – January 31) (Level 13+)

This event really looks like passed events. I don’t remember the name anymore and I’m too lazy to search for the name. I’m sorry :(.

However, what you have to do, is: accept the quest Can You Resist? from Cassandra. After completing the quest (which is already done) she gives you a Golden Statue. 

You have to hold this Statue in your inventory for 30 minutes. After those 30 minutes, you have to turn the statue in to Cassandra and she gives you a reward.

Aww, I’m out of events to talk about! Well, no worries, I’ll be back with more stuff. I hope with more news about the upcoming reorganizations!


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