Alliance Rising (Advance of the Union)

[IMPORTANT] I just saw that many things in this post are not true. This first update is only Arkarium & the Aran, Evan revamp (The fourth and last Legends-patch). After this, in March, the Advance of the Union will come, where almost all of the classes will get a revamp. I’m sorry for the false information guys!

MapleStory Alliance Rising.png

Nexon has announced that a new big update is coming soon! This update is called Alliance Rising (Advance of the Union in KMS) as you can see in the picture above, which has the first part coming in February! With this update all of the classes, except Dual Blade, Cannoneer, Mercedes and Demon Slayer, will get a revamp. The Pirate and Thief have to wait some more weeks to get their revamp. The update is slightly different as it went on in KMS. I’ll explain you why. Read on to see!

MapleStory Korea has had their update Advance of the Union like this:

  • In October: Resistance, Aran and Evan revamp.
  • In November: Warrior, Magician, Bowman, Knights of Cygnus and Ultimate Explorer.

MapleStory Global will get their update Alliance Rising as follows:

  • In February: Aran and Evan revamp.
  • In March: Warrior, Magician, Bowman, Knights of Cygnus and Ultimate Explorer. I think the Resistance has been moved to March then. I think this, because the Demon Slayer’s creation will be restricted in March, and he belongs to the Resistance too.

I’m not completely sure about the revamps of GMS, but when I know more, I’ll let you know in a future post!

Well, Nexon has announced the first part of the update (like I said before) which is coming in February. The Arans and Evans will be revamped. There are also some other things that will change. First of all, the Silent Crusade will change. I don’t know what is gonna change, but I hope some new quests will be added! Second, some maps (Nexon says territories), like Mushroom Kingdom, Chryse and Kerning Square are going to be very different than they are now. Last but not least, there will be even better events this year! I’m looking forward to try this new update out in February. I’ve already got an Aran and an Evan too, so I hope they’ll be better than they were!

MapleStory Alliance Rising

For the whole post of Nexon, see this post!

This was it for now, and I hope to be able to inform you with any more information about the upcoming update :).

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8 thoughts on “Alliance Rising (Advance of the Union)

  1. I’m like 110% sure that the 4th part of legends (which we just got) and Advance of the Union are 2 separate patches but Nexon has the right to rename things at their leisure.

    • Nexon America start changing patches name to sound something better for them… chaning jump patch into something called as…..anscension? anyway, we probably need to see what nexon would do for the next couple of monthes

      • Yeah, that’s right. I think it’s like this: Advance of the Union in March (To be exact, 2nd week of March), and Justice one month later, in April. Maybe Nexon will call them different, like you say ;) We’ll see.

        And Jump was changed into Ascension, not Ancension. You were almost right ^^

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