Explanation for the inactivity

Hello readers! The last weeks/days my blog is a bit inactive. I am very sorry that the Alliance Rising post is still not done.. There are multiple reasons to explain that. First of all, I can’t play Maplestory right now because something’s wrong with my laptop, again… I hoped it was fixed as of today, but nope, it’s not. I guess I have to wait a couple of days more to get fully back to my blog. The second thing is, I’m very busy with school right now. I simply haven’t got enough time to do homework + blog in one day. I am trying to get sone spare time. I spend enough time on school, enough so I’m not messing up everything, and after that, I can blog if I feel like doing that.

Now, to make some things clear, I’ll write a little bit about the Alliance Rising post. I think it’s a little bit late now to still post it, especially for the events that went on. Anyway, I think I’m still going to publish the post, and then without the events. It’ll come as soon as possible, (when I can play MapleStory again). Thanks for reading this post and I hope you can understand why everything takes so long! Hope to ‘blog’ you guys soon!

P.S: I’m currently writing this on an iPod Touch, so there could be some typo’s. I’m sorry for that! ;)


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