March Game Update: Alliance Unbound

[Update] I added a video on the bottom of this post.

Hey guys. I’m back with some great news! Nexon has confirmed the upcoming March-game update. The update is called Alliance Unbound, and will hit GMS in the second week of March, I suppose. Nexon decided again to rename their update. Good job, Nexon! In KMS, it’s called Advance of the Union. What does this update offer us? Well, revamps of the Resistance, Aran and Evan are coming our way, aswell as revamps of existing PQ’s, and some exclusive content (Aliens) and events! Let’s take a look on what’s coming. Read on!

Note: The following pictures are not mine!

MapleStory Alliance Unbound

As you can see in the picture above, (I photoshopped the picture on the top of this post ;)), there are the Black Mage, Wild Hunter and Mechanic. There’s nothing to do with the Black Mage, but there is with the Resistance!

There’s one funny thing I immediately noticed when I saw the logo: KMS announced it with a picture of the Battle Mage, GMS with the other two Resistance classes. Lol..

So.. As I wrote before: the Resistance, Aran and Evan will get a revamp of their skills. The Aran and Evan had already got a little skill revamp in the previous update, Alliance Rising, but in Alliance Unbound, they will get a greater revamp. The revamp of the Resistance will be only for the Mechanic, Wild Hunter and Battle Mage. You might have noticed the restriction of the creation of the Legends and the Dual Blader, which was announced mid-January. That’s why the Demon Slayer won’t get a revamp. Aww, poor Demon Slayer!

Ellin Forest will get an revamp/expansion. It’s possible that you’ve never or not often heard of Ellin Forest, because it was simply a waste of time (in my opinion). Ellin Forest is getting way more interesting for higher level people, as it gets a quest line, and new monsters + two new bosses. It also finally gets a map. I’m already looking forward to explore the new Ellin Forest!

Looks like GMS is piling up updates which were released as an apart update in KMS! Revamps of Monster Carnival, Nett’s Pyramid, Ghost Ship Dual Raid, Mu Lung Dojo, (and more?), were all updated all over the middle – end of 2011 in KMS, and GMS is putting it all into one patch.

Finally some GMS-exclusive content is coming! It seems that Aliens are spotted round New Leaf City. I guess the Visitors event is coming back, because of this quote from Nexon’s post:

Nexon wrote:

otherworldy visitors will test your limits

The Visitors event also went on a couple of years ago, and I liked it!

New cool events are also coming, but I think those are just common events, like ”hold an item for 30 minutes”, and ”collect 50 of an item each day to get rewards” and stuff :P..

This is all Nexon wrote, but I know there’s more. I’ll tell that to you when the update has gone live.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Mapling!

P.S: Here’s a video Nexon posted on youtube about Ellin Forest:


2 thoughts on “March Game Update: Alliance Unbound

  1. How many times do we have to say this? THIS IS NOT THE VISITORS EVENT, if you saw the trailer for the update people died. In the visitors event people did NOT die. Also there would be no point of bringing back the event because so many people know the story. Also just to add that visitors were actually maplers from the FUTURE not ALIENS!

    • I know it’s not the visitors event, but dude, look at the date I wrote the post. That’s way before the trailer came out. So I couldn’t know that ;)

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