Brick Force

Hi everyone! Today a post about another game: Brick Force. Brick Force is a sandbox (Like Minecraft)-FPS game. You have to build maps with bricks (Brickforce, haha). After you’ve succesfully created your map, you can play in it with friends. It just works as each other First-Person Shooter, but the fun part in this game is that you play in the maps you created the map yourself. You can also play in other people’s maps.

The game has been in Closed Beta since a week or two. You can get a Closed Beta key if manage to get one. You don’t actually need a Closed Beta key to play in the Beta, but players with keys have a higher chance to be selected than others who don’t have a key. It’s just waiting and waiting until they unlock your account.. A great thing is, I’ll probably be giving out Brick Force Closed Beta keys, right here on my blog! I’m not sure when it will be, but keep an eye out for a new post where you can get a key. It’s useful to follow my blog, so you can see when there are keys available. There will be only a limited amount of keys, so be fast!

Here’s some gameplay footage of, so all credits go to them ;)

When I can play the game you’ll be seeing some gameplay video’s on my YouTube account. So then you can see more information about the game, if you want. ;)

I’ll write some information about my Twitter, etc. down here:




Offical Brick-Force website:


I hope to see you around in Brick Force! (:


P.S.: @AddGamers gave me my Beta key, so maybe you can get one from them! Be sure to follow them :)

P.P.S.: Alliance Unbound in GMS is probably coming March 8 or 9, since all the events are ending on March 8 ;)


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