[Updated] This is just the beginning…

[Update 3] Added the last piece of the picture.

[Update 2] Added a video about the Aliens that Maplestory posted on youtube!

[Update] More pieces of the picture were added!

MapleStory has just posted a pretty strange picture on Facebook. I think it has something to do with the upcoming update. Maybe it’s not the Visitors event again. Maybe it’s a whole new content exclusively for GMS! Well, let’s take a look at the picture:

Like Nexon said in the announcement post of Alliance Unbound aliens have been seen round New Leaf City – Masteria. Since the Eiffeltower and Big Ben like buildings are standing there, I think this Statue of Liberty like building (I call it Statue of Musherty ^^) also has something to do with NLC. Also, the strange text ”Maplers, we need” is kinda creepy. Maybe someone was just writing a message to all the Maplers when an spaceship rushed into NLC, banged into the Statue of Musherty, and at the moment he had only written three words, the Aliens kdnapped him, I don’t know. I’m also wondering why the title of the picture is: ”This is just the beginning”. This is just the beginning of what. An alien invasion? We’ll know later.

Let’s wait for more info guys, I’ll inform you when dere’s moar!

Update – 8.03.2012:

Two days ago, a new piece of this weird ”puzzle” was added by MapleStory on basilmarket.com:

This is the right-upper side of the whole picture. You can see that the Eiffeltower is destroyed, and why is that  ‘noob’ guy sitting there? We’ll all find out later :)

The next piece, which was added today, is the bottom-left piece of the whole picture and was posted by @MapleStory on Twitter:

You can see that the Big Ben is destroyed… Man, nothing of NLC will be left unharmed by those.. aliens?

I have put those three pictures into one:

Let’s wait what the fourth will be! Any guesses? Leave a comment :)

Update 2 – 8.03.2012

Here’s a video MapleStory just posted on YouTube. It’s about the aliens ruining NLC…

Update 3 – 10.03.2012

Nexon has posted the last piece of the whole picture on Facebook!

The MapleStory sign is ruined… Statues of Grendel the Really Old and Athena Pierce are also broken. Let’s place this piece in the whole ”puzzle”:

Now that the picture is completed, you can see the full text: ”Maplers, we need your help. Something is brewing in Masteria”. Sounds cool :). There’s something I noticed: The creature (alien?) in the middle of the screen looks like a bunny-alien!

Let’s wait now for the update!


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