Brick Force – Closed Beta Key giveaway! (A total of 100 keys)

[Update] Yay! My account has been unlocked. Now I can enjoy Brick Force! :D

Hey all :)

If you still haven’t got a Closed Beta key for the Online Sandbox-FPS game Brick Force, this is your chance! Yep, that’s right: I’m giving away Closed Beta keys! The people of Brick Force have supplied me with 100 Keys to give away. You can’t get one for just asking: ‘Can I have a key please?’. No. There are a few easy things you have to do in order to get one. Before you do all this, I want to tell you something. Getting and entering a beta key doesn’t mean that you can enter the game immediately! Every account has to be unlocked, doesn’t matter if you have a key or not. I guess if you have a key, you have a higher chance to get your account unlocked. But, I’m not sure about that!

Well, in order to receive a key from me, like is said, there are some easy things you have to do before receiving:

  1. ‘Subscribe’ to my blog. When you visit my blog, you’ll see a subscribe box in the sidebar on the right. Just enter your e-mail adress, click on the button, and step one is done!
  2. ‘Follow’ me on Twitter. I guess you already know how to follow someone, for those who don’t, read this. There are two ways to follow me: On the sidebar on my blog, right below the ‘Subscribe’ button, you can see my latest Tweets. Below these tweets, there’s a button which says: ‘Follow @SietseRijpstra‘. Click on it :). The other way is: Go to my Twitter page, and click on the ‘Follow’ button. All these two options result in the same.
  3. Now you’ve Subscribed and Followed me, send an e-mail to Write that you’ve subscribed and followed me, and include your Twitter name and  If you do not do this, I can’t give you a key.

When you’ve done all this, I’ll reply to your mail, including the key.

There are a few things which you must know:

  • I have got only 100 keys to give away.
  • First come, first serve. I will not randomly pick people.
  • Only one key per person. Please don’t ask for another! This wouldn’t be fair for other people if you have two, and they none. I won’t give you one if I know you already have one.
  • You must register for Brick Force first before you can enter a key.
  • Enter your beta key by going to the official Brick Force website, and click on ‘Enter Beta Key’

If you still don’t get everything, look at the Brick Force FAQ:

For other news, check the official Brick Force website:

I hope I’ll be able to give all the keys away!

See you around! :)


76 thoughts on “Brick Force – Closed Beta Key giveaway! (A total of 100 keys)

  1. ive seen brick force and i like what i see so could you please give me a closed beta key my twiter name is jonathan

  2. Hello! I like brick force and i need the beta key to play it! So can I have it please?

    my mail is

  3. Hello!
    I really like BrickForce and i need the beta key to play it. I just followed you on Twitter
    My EMail is:
    My twitter is The DiamondOre (not sure if it’s really needed, but oh well :D)

  4. Well I followed the instruction and can only hope you still have a key left. At any rate I’m glad I found this page, thanks for the opportunity.

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