GMS v.107 – Alliance Unbound

[Update] 23-3-12: I’ve updated the post with the Mu Lung Dojo update.

GMS has been updated to ‘Alliance Unbound‘, and I’ve prepared a nice post for you including all the new and changed content! The Resistance, Aran and Evan were reorganized, as well as some Party Play content and Ellin Forest. There’s also some GMS exclusive content: a Masteria and NLC expansion. This has brought aliens to NLC, and those aliens brought their technology to us: Alien Socket System. But that’s not all! Read on to find out!

Before I’ll start talking about the updates, let me show you the new server-selection background first:

It’s about  the Masteria expansion! Looks pretty cool, doesn’t it?

So, let’s start talking about the biggest part of the update: Class Reorganization. Some of the Resistance, Aran and Evan’s skills have been changed. Some things down here are copy-pasted from the MapleStory website.

Battle Mage

  • Auras can now be stacked.
  • The attack range of Blow type skills has been increased.
  • The effects of attack skills have been improved.
  • The Advanced Dark Chain skill and the effects of Dark Chain have been improved.
  • The changes do not apply in Battle Mode.

Battle Mage 1st Job Skill Changes

  • Triple Blow: Can now hit enemies instead of 6.
  • The Finisher: Can now hit enemies instead of 6.

Battle Mage 2nd Job Skill Changes

  • Quad Blow: Can now hit enemies instead of 6.
  • Dark Chain: Can now hit 8 enemies instead of 6, attack range was increased, attack effects were changed.
  • Moved: Blue Aura (to 3rd Job)
  • New skillHigh Wisdom: increases intelligence by 40 (Master level: 10)

Battle Mage 3rd Job Skill Changes

  • Quintuple Blow: Can now hit enemies instead of 6, now ignores 20% monster DEF.
  • Dark Shock: Can now hit enemies instead of 6.
  • Advanced Blue Aura: Master Level has been changed from 30 to 10
  • New: Blue Aura: 30% of damage is distributed, with 20% of that absorbed. Added a 250% health increase.
  • New: Stance: Knock-back Resist Chance: 90%, Duration: 300 sec (Master level: 30)
  • Fixed: Body Boost: Bug has been fixed where Attack Speed + 2 effect didn’t take place when Yellow Aura was activated.
  • Deleted: Advanced Dark Chain

Battle Mage 4th Job Skill Changes

  • Finishing Blow: Can now hit enemies instead of 6, now ignores 30% monster DEF.
  • Twister Spin: Movement speed and attack speed increased.
  • Party Shield: Master Level has been changed from 20 to 30.
  • Energize: Master Level has been changed from 10 to 30, now increases MP by 20%
  • Moved: Stance (to 3rd job)

Wild Hunter

  • Item acquire distance when mounted on Jaguar has been increased.
  • Snow White, a new Wild Hunter Jaguar, has been added.

  • Snow White can be obtained through the Alliance Eternal quest until November 15th with the Taming Coupon.
  • When mounted, grants 120 Movement Speed/Jump and 50% Power Stance effects.
  • Default attack range has been increased so that smaller monsters can be attacked.
  • The effects of attack skills have been improved.
  • The changes do not apply in the Battle Mode.

Wild Hunter 1st Job Skill Changes

  • Triple Shot: Attacking speed has been increased.
  • Jaguar Rider: Now increases critical damage by 8%
  • Jag Jump: Moving distance increased.

Wild Hunter 2nd Job Skill Changes

  • Ricochet: Can now hit enemies instead of 6.
  • Jaguar Rawr: Can now hit enemies instead of 6.
  • Jaguar-oshi: Master Level has been changed from 20 to 10.
  • New: Physical Training: increases strength and dexterity by 30 (Master level: 10)

Wild Hunter 3rd Job Skill Changes

  • Blind: Master Level changed from 20 to 10. Now decreases enemy’s defense by 50.
  • Swipe: Can now hit enemies instead of 6. 
  • New: Feline Berserk: Increases HP by 80%, attack by 20%, and speed by 15 for 120 seconds. Cooldown has been reduced from 240 seconds to 150 seconds.

Wild Hunter 4th Job Skill Changes

  • Exploding Arrows: Stun effect was added.
  • Stink Bomb Shot: Defense increase effect was removed, Master Level has been changed from 20 to 10.
  • New: Advanced Final Attack: increases attack by 20 and accuracy by 10%, there is a 70% chance of activating Final Attack for 210% damage (Master level: 30)
  • Moved: Feline Berserk (to 3rd job)


  • The effects of attack skills have been improved.
  • The changes do not apply in Battle Mode.

Mechanic 1st Job Skill Changes

  • Mech: Prototype: Movement Speed was increased by 20%
  • Flame Launcher: Can now hit enemies instead of 6. Usage time was increased from 8 seconds to 12 seconds.

Mechanic 2nd Job Skill Changes

  • Atomic Hammer: Can now hit enemies instead of 6
  • Mechanic Mastery: Now increases critical chance by 10%
  • Rocket Booster: Master Level has been changed from 20 to 10
  • New: Physical Training: Increases strength and dexterity by 30 (max level: 10)

Mechanic 3rd Job Skill Changes

  • Punch Launcher: Can now hit enemies instead of 6.
  • Satellite: Now performs AoE attack with the target as the center.
  • Mech: Siege Mode: Changed to *On/Off skill, usage restriction removed.

*On/Off: You can turn the skill on and off by pressing a key. It’s useable with no limit.

Mechanic 4th Job Skill Changes

  • Laser Blast: Attack speed has been increased, can now hit enemies instead of 6.


  • The attack range of Swing-type skills has been increased.
  • Time between hits for the system to recognize them as a combo has been increased.
  • Damage of attack skills has been increased.
  • The changes do not apply in Battle Mode.

Aran 1st Job Skill Change

  • Combo Smash: Can now hit enemies instead of 6.

Aran 2nd Job Skill Changes

  • Polearm Mastery: Skill will now increase attack speed when using Pole Arms.
  • Final Charge: Now has a 30% chance to inflict 10 seconds of stun.
  • Combo Drain: Maximum recovery amount has been increased, Master Level changed from 2o to 10.
  • Snow Charge: Master Level has been changed from 20 to 10.
  • New: Final Attack: There is an 40% chance to activate a 150% damage Final Attack (Master level: 20)

Aran 3rd Job Skill Changes

  • Cleaving Attack: Damage disperse effect removed, now does 20%  bonus damage when attacking a boss , Master Level changed from 20 to 10.
  • New: Maha’s Blessing: Increase the party’s attack and magic attack by 30 for 100 seconds (max level: 10)

Aran 4th Job Skill Changes

  • High Mastery: Master Level has been changed from 30 to 20.
  • Freeze Standing: Master Level has been changed from 30 to 20.
  • High Defense: Now increases Max HP by 20% , Master Level has been changed from 30 to 20.
  • Combo Barrier: Defense increases by 60.
  • New: Advanced Final Attack: Increases attack by 30 and accuracy by 10%, there is a 60% chance of activating Final Attack for 250% damage (Master level: 30)


  • The Dragon Flight skill has been added, allowing you to fly on your dragon.
  • Attack speed of attack skills has been increased.
  • The changes do not apply in Battle Mode.

1st Job Skill Changes

  • Dragon Soul: Now grants +10 Speed and a faster Attacking Speed.

2nd Job Skill Changes

  • Fire Circle: Can now hit enemies instead of 4.

3rd Job Skill Changes

  • Lightning Bolt: Can now hit 8 enemies instead of 3
  • Magic Guard: Now decreases damage taken by 10%

4th Job Skill Changes

  • Ice Breath: Can now hit 8 enemies instead of 6.
  • Spell Mastery: Now increases critical chance by 10%

5th Job Skill Changes

  • Magic Flare: AoE effect added (with the target as the center), can now hit 8 enemies instead of 1.
  • Magic Shield:  Now increases defense by 300 and HP by 10%

6th Job Skill Changes

  • Critical Magic: Now increases minimum critical damage by 15%
  • Dragon Thrust: Can now hit hit 8 enemies instead of 6, Knock-back chance has been increased from 95% to 100%.

7th Job Skill Changes

  • Magic Amplification: Magic damage increase effect increased from 135% to 150%
  • Flame Breath: Can now hit 8 enemies instead of 6.
  • Magic Resistance: Now increases Magic Defense by 100.

8th Job Skill Changes

  • Earthquake: Can now hit 10 enemies instead of 8
  • Recovery Aura: HP recovery effect added.

9th Job Skill Changes

  • Illusion: Now has a 40% chance to stun an enemy for 10 seconds
  • Flame Wheel: DoT effect added, can now hit 10 enemies instead of 8.

10th Job Skill Changes

  • Blaze: Can now hit 8 enemies instead of 1, chance to stun has been increased from 90% to 100%

New Alliance quests have been added. These quests are for characters who are between level 15 and 74. Characters can’t complete the lower level chain quest, and the higher level one both. Only one of the two can be completed. The new quest chain can be started by accepting the quest: ”Rise of the Alliance” from Athena Pierce. (Or Lilin as an Aran, …)

You have to go to Ereve and speak to Empress Cygnus. You’ll see a little cutscene and you’ll be sent to the Conference Pavillion, where all the Resistance, Explorer, Hero and KoC masters are at. Empress Cygnus is also there. When you enter the pavillion, speak to Empress Cygnus, she gives you ‘A member of the Alliance‘ medal, which you can equip upon reaching level 70. As you can see below it gives 500 HP and MP. Congratulations! You’re now a member of the Alliance! You also obtained a new skill: Willpower of Alliance (Was already added in the previous patch, for the Birth of an Alliance Chain Quest)

Actually, the new part about the Alliance is something for the revamped classes. Now they have the new skill and completed the Birth of an Alliance, they are able to participate in the Awakening event.

As an character which was revamped in this patch, you have to collect 10 Alexandrite in the Leben Mine. You’ll be sent to there if you want. After you’ve collected them all, return them to Cygnus by going through a Dimensional Mirror. She gives you a SP Reset Scroll and a Union Weapon. The weapon you get depends on your class. I guess you can figure that out yourself!

  • Union Wand – REQ LEV: 75, Weapon ATT +69, Magic ATT +105
  • Union Staff – REQ LEV: 75, Weapon ATT +65, Magic ATT +105
  • Union Polearm – REQ LEV: 75, Weapon ATT +97
  • Union Crossbow – REQ LEV: 75, Weapon ATT +93
  • Union Shooter – REQ LEV: 75, Weapon ATT +70
On my Aran, I obtained the Union Polearm and it looks pretty awesome! Unfortunately, the weapons are level 75, and my Aran is 51 atm.. A cool thing is that all the weapons come with Hidden Potential! :D
 But.. there’s more…for the Wild Hunter! The Wild Hunters don’t just get the Union Crossbow, they also get a Snow White Taming Coupon. This is a coupon for a special Jaguar: Snow White. He looks nice!

Ellin Forest has got an expansion. It’s now a level 95+ area. If you don’t know it yet, Ellin Forest is the past of Ellinia Forest. You can get there by entering the portal in the 101st floor of the Helios Tower.

There’s also another way to get there! A Danger Zone Taxi has been added to Ellin Forest.

From Ellin Forest you can go to:

  • Ludibrium
  • Omega Sector
  • Korean Folk Town
  • El Nath

And vice versa of course.

Since it’s expanded/revamped, many new quests, maps and monster have been added. Spiegelmann is the guy who starts the new quest chain. After that, there are waiting over 30 quests for you to be completed! First of all, Ellin Forest has finally got a world map. I find it very clear.

On two ends on the map, left and right, you can see 2 big monsters. These are new bosses which were added: Chao and Ephenia. Down here you can see them:

  • Chao – Level 110 (HP: 4,250,000 – EXP: 82,450)

  • Ephenia – Level 115 (HP: 9,500,000 – EXP: 179,700)

New monsters:
  • Violent Primitive Boar – Lv. 107 (HP: Around 79,000 – EXP: 1246 .)

  • Ancient Fairy – Lv. 108 (HP: Around 80,000 – EXP: 635)

  • Shining Fairy – Lv.109 (HP: Around 82,000 – EXP: 642)
  • Maps were totally rebuilded. New ones were added too.
  • There were some changes in the already-existing monsters.
  • You can obtain two new equipments throughout the new quest chain:
    • Ephenia’s Ring – Untradeable, Unique Equipped Item, REQ LEV: 105, All classes, Category: Ring, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +2, Max HP/MP +50, Weapon/Magic ATT +1, Weapon/Magic DEF +45, Accuracy +15, Avoidability +15
    • The Guardian of Ellin Forest – One-of-a-kind item, Untradeable, REQ LEV: 105, All classes, Category: Medal, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +4, Max HP/MP +160, Weapon/Magic ATT +1, Weapon/Magic DEF +90, Accuracy +40, Avoidability +40, Speed +7, Battle Mode ATT +1

GMS exclusive content has been added: The Masteria and NLC expansion. Many earthquakes have hit NLC and you’re there to find out who are behind all those: Aliens! The aliens have brought many new things to NLC. You can enter NLC by using the Dimensional Mirror now. Let’s have a look:


The New Leaf Ma(ll) is totally destroyed and so are the Bigger Ben, MapleStory sign.. actually everything is destroyed! A funny thing is that all the NPC’s still look happy, even though there were many earthquakes there, haha. Nexon couldn’t actually change all the NPC’s, because this NLC is just replaced with the old version of NLC.

With this destroyed-NLC, a new quest chain has been added. This quest chain is for characters who are level 90+. The chain can be started by talking to Icebyrd Slimm, the mayor of NLC. You’ll experience 2 new monsters,  1 boss, cutscenes and maps. These monsters are Alien Cog and Alien Miner:


The new boss is called Galacto-Drill:

The NLC world map has also been updated:

As you can see, a new thing has been added at the right-upper corne rof the map. That’s the Alien’s HQ! The maps theirselves are also renewed. Oh, and man, I love that new NLC Town Theme Song! You can listen to it here: Thanks to ComplexHoshi on YouTube.

After you’ve completed the short quest line, you’ll get rewarded one Alien Coin. There are 4 repeatable quests after that, which you can also earn coins from.


These coins can be spent at Pico‘s shop, which is in NLC. You can buy various Nebulites in his shop. I’ll talk about Nebulites down here!

Another GMS exclusive content is the Alien Socket System. The Alien Socket System, which the aliens brought to us, is a new way to upgrade your weapons and armor. In order to upgrade, you need to have sockets on your equip, and Nebulites are required. I’ll explain everything now.

First of all, I teach you the basics. Sockets. If you don’t have sockets placed on your equipment, you can’t upgrade. A socket is a slot on an item, just like an upgrade slot for a scroll. To place a socket on an equip, go see Bo, he’s hanging around in each town in MapleStory.

You can ask Bo to drill a socket for you in an equip. This is free for now. It probably will change the next patch! A new UI will show up: Alien Socket Wrench.

It asks which item is getting a new socket. Well, just drag the equipment of your choice in the slot, then click OK, wait a few seconds and  Bo’s work is done!

As you can see now, there’s a square added at the top-left of the item. This means there’s one free Socket Slot. Each item can get only one socket, though.

Now you have the socket on your item, it’s time to upgrade it! Do this by putting a Nebulite into the socket. Nebulites are the stones needed to upgrade.

They are dropped by nearly every monster, and they all have a different power and grade (A, B, C or D). Like I already said, they can also be bought in Pico’s shop. A list with Nebulites is here on Shakar’s blog: Scroll down to see the possible Nebulites. Those are pretty much, eh?

Well, there are two things you can do with a Nebulite: Upgrade it or place it in your equipment. Let’s put a nice Nebulite into my gun. I want to place a +2 STR Nebulite in it:

Now I have to double-click on the Nebulite to open the Nebulite UI:

The last thing I have to do: drag my gun into it, and then press OK. Tadah! I’ve just upgraded my gun! It now has STR +2.

You can upgrade and reset Nebulites by using an Alien Cube (Cash Item). Every Cube you buy also comes with one Alien Diffuser Fragment. Obtain 10, and you can get a Nebulite Diffuser. You can detach a Nebulite with it to restore the Socket.

There’s also a way to fuse your Nebulites. Well, not for all Nebulites, only for C and D ones. Talk to Bo again, and select the option ”I would like to combine Nebulites”. In the next dialogue window, you can select the first Nebulite you want to fuse:

It shows the Nebulites that are fuseable and the amount you have of them. Click one. Another window shows up, where you have to select the second Nebulite. You’ll see a confirmation window. Click ”Yes”, and your new Nubulite is made! (Note: I combined a Weapon Defense with a Magic Defense, and I got a Jump out of it o.O.)

Of course this is not free. You have to pay a small amount of mesos for it:

Two D grade Nebulites:
3,000 mesos
Two C grade Nebulites:
5,000 mesos
One C grade Nebulite and one D grade Nebulite:
5,000 mesos

Well, I think that was everything about the Socket System!

Now the Party Play Quest revamps. First off all the Mu Lung Dojo has got a revamp. Mu Lung Dojo is now a level 90+ area. Looks like they’re making almost all fun things for high-level characters! I don’t really care, because I’ve got some characters which are 90+ :).

You can only enter Mu Lung Dojo three times a day now. It’s still not very popular.

Modes have been added: Normal: (Easy, Normal or Hard) and Ranked mode. Ranked mode is for those who really want to challenge each other. There are (pretty cool) rewards for the people who have the highest completion time after one day:

The only stupid thing is that they expire after 1 day. Not that I will ever manage to earn one of these things, but I feel sorry for the people who have one :P.

The first time I went in by myself, and I chose Normal mode. I think Easy mode is for people from 90 – 120, Normal for 120 – 150, and Hard 150+. In normal I survived for like 17 minutes, and then I died at Papulatus. Well, let’s see what has changed/added in Mu Lung Dojo.

The thing you can see immediately, is the UI, which is slightly changed:

The timer is different and a Stage‘ bar has been added. This bar shows you how many time is left for the current stage you’re in. (One stage =4 monsters + 1 boss)

Another UI change is the ”Boss” sign at each Boss stage:

There are also new monsters and bosses, like the Spirit of Rock and Xerxes:

Each boss now drops Mu Gong’s Emblems: 1 at Easy mode, at Normal and I think at Hard.

 You need these emblems for the belts. Yup, that’s right, no points are needed any longer. The points you got for killing a monster have been removed, though. The amount of Emblems you need are as follows:

Monsters no longer summon monsters which drop HP, MP and Effect Restore potions. It’s now possible to ”buy” things such as potions, effects and stat buffs in every ”rest” room (after each 5 stages).

However, if you buy something here, there will be a 60-second penalty. So I guess it does only matter when you play in Ranked Mode.

Lastly, as far as I know, it’s not possible anymore to save your progress and leave during a Dojo Match.

23-3-12: I’ve updated the post with the Mu Lung Dojo update. More to come!

Here’s already a video about the new Monster Carnival.


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