April Game Update: Alliance Eternal!

Nexon has announced their next update called Alliance Eternal. The name sound pretty cool. It does however remind me of another game: Eden Eternal. Well, let’s get to the point. This is the second part of the Alliance updates. Now you’re maybe asking: Why isn’t this the third one? We have had Alliance Rising and Alliance Unbound, haven’t we? Well, that’s right but Alliance Rising was  actually an update in ‘preparation’ to Alliance Unbound and Alliance Eternal. There’s a weird thing about the logo. There’s a Pirate on it, but the Thief and Pirate class will get a complete revamp later, not in this patch! Well, maybe it’s a Thunder Breaker. [Edit]: It’s indeed a Thunder Breaker!

Read on to see what’s new~!


So.. What can we expect from this update? The classes that were revamped during Ascension, Warrior, Bowman and Magician are going to undergo another skill change. Note my words: Skill Change. Not very much more than only some damage changes to skills will be made. The Cygnus Knights will also get some skill changes, but that’s not all for them! There’s a new high-level (120-) Quest Chain as well.

Another update is for the Ultimate Adventurers. Their max. HP has been increased, they will get new skills and a new quest chain is waiting for them to be completed!

Nett’s Pyramid will be changed a little again. Some changes will be made to requirements and to the monsters. There will be new riches that will only be available for a limited time.

Lion King’s Castle, also known as LHC, will become a theme dungeon. It’s getting a new storyline and a new boss to defeat. I’ve got no clue who that will be!

As always, many new events will be added. Quoted Nexon:

Rescue the Miwoks from savage monsters. Celebrate the coming of spring by helping research flowers to receive great buffs. Receive a special pendant to increase the EXP you gain. There’s always something fun to do in MapleStory!

Sounds nice, but I fear those events will be the same as always. We’ll see!

There will also be a Cash Shop and Gachapon update I suppose, and some small updates too.


I don’t know the exact date yet, but there’s always a way to find out when it probably will be. At first, MapleStory is always updated on Wednesdays. Of course we need events, and the current events end at April 11. That’s a Wednesday! So my expectation when the game will be updated is April 11 or 12. I think the maintenance will last approximately 5 hours. There are not that many things to update.

Full Patch Notes

Patch Notes: http://maplestory.nexon.net/News/News.aspx?boardNo=103&contentNo=00Dor&pageIndex=1

Events: http://maplestory.nexon.net/News/Events.aspx?boardNo=201&contentNo=00DpE&pageIndex=1

Happy Mapling!

P.S: I’m currently trying out some new themes on my blog. I wasn’t satisfied with the previous one (the same as Spadow used)

P.P.S: I was bored, so I was trying to make a picture for my blog, and well, here’s the result:

I find that it’s not done yet. it’s a bit empty. I’ll see if I change something.


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