”Help Rescue the Miwok Boys!” and ”Spring into Spirit!”

Today, on April 25, two new events were released: Help Rescue the Miwok Boys (Little Indian event in KMS) and Spring into Spirit. Help Rescue the Miwok Boys is an event which hasn’t been on Maple before (Great!), but Spring into Spirit is just an event.. We’ve had enough of them!  Read on to see more information.

Let’s start with the small event:

Spring into Spirit! (4/25 – 5/9)

This event is as simple as possible. If you are level 13 or over, talk to Cassandra in order to receive a Pendant of the Spirit (1 day):

Gosh, I hate this sort of events! It’s not that I do not like the pendant, but come on Nexon, can’t you just think of an event that is a little bit bigger?

I suppose this event is repeatable every day.

Here comes the good event of the two:

Help Rescue the Miwok Boys! (4/25 – 5/9)

During this event you have to rescue the Miwok Boys. If you are level 10+, every xx:05 and xx:35 hour you’ll get an envelope above your head. If you click on it, Blackbull will send you to the entrance of the Snakerot Jungle in a channel that suits the best for your level.

After some seconds of waiting, you are moved in groups of anywhere near 15 Maplers to Snakerot Jungle.

As the message above says, you have five minutes to rescue the Miwok Boys. Yup, that’s the actual goal of this event! How to do this? Well, I’ll explain it to you.

The map divided in some platforms and it is filled with Beasts. In those five minutes you have to kill as much Beasts as you can. The level of the monsters depends on the average level of your group. Sometimes a beast drops a Miwok Boy. Pick it up to rescue it.

In the picure below you can see how many boys your party has rescued. I guess that untranslated text has to be something like ”Number of Miwok Boys saved”.

Sometimes you’ll encounter a Raging Beast.  It has way more HP than the common beastsThis beast drops a key instead of a Miwok Boy. You need this key to open a cage where Miwoks are trapped inside, and if you open it, you can get like 6 boys at once!


There are also other cages with Miwoks trapped inside, but you don’t need a key for it. No, instead of that you have to attack it. This cage drops like 3 boys.

Just try to rescue as much Miwok Boys if you can, because the more you save, the better is your reward! Note: The reward you get here is in a bag :)  I’ll list the rewards down here (Tables are by Nexon):

As I’m writing this, I’ve played this ”PQ”  two times, and both of the times we rescued 79 Miwok Boys… That’s a shame! Is it even possible to get more than 79? I think so :)

But… these are not all of the rewards! You also get rewarded for the number of times you participate:

Looks good!

So, when the time’s up, you’ll be moved to Silent Jungle, where you have to claim your reward. Speak to Blackbull, and he gives you your well-earned reward:

You can check the table above to see what’s the possible reward in this sack! The amount of EXP is based on your level. I got around 1% EXP at level 145.

Oh, and here’s some more about the second table. When you’ve played x times, you can claim your reward by accepting the quest called Rescue the Miwok Boys! Achieved!

The quest [Miwok Boy] Help Rescue the Miwok Boys explains everything to you once again!

Here’s a video of this event that I uploaded on YouTube:

Well, I think that was about it! Have fun with the new stuff. Happy Mapling ~!


YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/MapleGlobalNews

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/SietseRijpstra


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