Lucky 7th Mapleversary – May 10

[Update] Nexon has just posted ”Update Highlights” on the MapleStory website. Go have a look here! Wow.. Good job Nexon for finally making a good looking post! :D This makes the update a lot more attractive to me :)

Woo! The 7th Anniversary update of MapleStory Global is coming today (May 10), one day before the actual anniversary! This is gonna be a short post, since I just want you to be aware of this. I already talked about the updates in this post: Preview on GMS’s Mapleversary.

Please read on to see more information about this update, plus an extra ‘discussion’ at the end of the post!


Thursday, May 10, 2012
6:00 AM – 6:00 PM 
9:00 AM – 9:00 PM

As you can see, the maintenance lasts for approximately 12 hours.

What will be updated?

MapleStory v.110 – Patch Notes

This update is mainly focused on anniversary events and newly added anniversary items. There will also be a revamp on the Socket System.


Download the full client here!
Download v.110 – Lucky 7th Mapleversary here!


Even though this update isn’t that big, it is awesome, just because MapleStory Global already exists for 7 years! :)

So, what can we expect next?

As we are moving further into 2012, I thought it would be time for me to think about the near future of GMS. We can expect many updates coming this year. I’ll be listing updates as far as KMS is right now (Excluded the KMS-only things, like the 9th Anniversary and such.

The  next update will probably be the Thief and Pirate Revamp, which will be the June game update.

For July, Phantom, the Thief Hero will arrive most likely! His main weapon is a cane and he can do attacks using cards. He is also able to steal skills from Explorers.

It is also possible that Nexon has decided to put the Thief and Pirate revamp and Phantom together. That would not be very weird, since both updates are part of the Justice update.

Later on, a new town/PQ called Aswan will be added to the Maple World. This could be in June, July, or even August! Personally, I think it will come in August.

There are a few more things I want to add to all this.

First of all, the Return and Revamp of the Dual Blader. This update has come to KMS in February 2012. My guessed date that it’ll come to GMS: August or September.

Then there will be added a new warrior character, called Mihile/Mikhail. He is the leader of the Knight of Cygnus troop. My guess: September or October.

Lastly, there is going to be a Warrior Reorganization again! My guess: October or November.

I think that was it! Note that these estimated dates could be TOTALLY wrong! It’s also possible that we’re getting some exclusive stuff between all the updates, which could change everything.

Enjoy yourself as you’re waiting for the maintenance to be completed, and after that, happy Mapling!

P.S: Nexon has changed something to their website. You know that ‘Game Offline’ message which showed up when a maintenance was in progress? Well, it’s not there anymore. The ‘Play’ button is still there, but when you click on it, it says there’s currently a maintenance.

P.P.S: I play KMS sometimes, and you can trust me, the upcoming updates will be fun!

P.P.P.S: I’m sorry, P.S is not true!


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