The Luckiest Hot Time Ever

To celebrate the 7th Anniversary of GMS, a new Hot Time event has been announced. This Hot Time has better rewards then the previous one!

Read on to see the details!

So, to participate in this Hot Time event, you have to be online on any character on Saturday, May 26 at 2:30 PM. During this minute, all people who are online will be given a 7th Mapleversary Surprise Box This box randomly contains one of the following items:

1x SP Reset Scroll

Resets all Skill Points used, except the Beginner skills.

1x AP Reset Scroll

Resets all AP used, except points allocated to HP and MP.

1x Unidentified Love Letter

Contains a random amount of Fame when opened.

10x Gallant Emblems

Can be used to buy Battle Square items and is used in some Recipes.

1x Advanced Potential Scroll

When used, there is a 90% chance to add Potential to a regualr equipment.

But, that’s not all! When you are logged in on a Mercedes or Demon Slayer, there’s more for you.

Mercedes get the Royal Elven Tiara, (I’ve already got that one -_-) and the Demon Slayers get Devil Horns.

Royal Elven Tiara

Hat; All Stats +10, Max HP/MP +100, DEF/M.DEF +75;10 upgrades, unhammered, untradeable
When job is 3rd or 4th, then All Stats +5, ATT +5, Speed +10

Devil Horns
Hat; All Stats +10, Max HP +200, DEF/M.DEF +120;10 upgrades, unhammered, untradeable
When job is 3rd or 4th, then Critical Rate 5%, All Stats +5, ATT +5, Speed +10

There’s also a 5-hour long 2x Exp and Drop event going on round that time:

Saturday May 26, 2012 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM Pacific (4:00 PM – 9:00 PM Eastern)

To view all the details of this event, go here!

Happy Mapling!

P.S: There’s a new website background! I tried to get the full background, but this is my result:


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