Preview on the new update: Maple Class Reunion

Another update will hit GMS this month on May 31! It is called Letter from the Headmaster. This is another update between the ”Major Game Updates”, but not just an update. In this update, some maps of the ”Classic MapleStory” game (before Big Bang) will be available again for a limited time!! Expect a big patch :p.

Read on to see Nexon’s ”preview” post about Letter from the Headmaster!

Dear Class of Maple,Our Lucky 7th Mapleversary is in full swing, but we're not done yet!  We're holding a Maple Class Reunion, and it's full of events new and old!  I want this to be the biggest, best class reunion yet, so mark your calendars, and prepare to attend!back to the old (school) maplebug extermination monthbounty hunter event (starting june 6)

Looks great, huh? There’s one more thing I want to tell you. Along with this update, the MTS, World Transfers and Name Changes will be removed. Didn’t know about this yet? Check out this post on the MapleStory website.

Happy Mapling!


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