Maple Class Reunion – June 1st

The new update, v.111 Maple Class Reunion from which I thought the name was A Letter from the Headmaster, is now  announced. The maintenance was delayed by one day though. The maintenance will last approximately six hours:


  • Pacific: 11 PM Thursday, May 31, 2012 – 5 AM Friday, June 1, 2012 
  • Eastern: 2 AM – 8 AM Friday, June 1, 2012

I can now tell you exactly what’s in this update. Read on for the details! (Patch notes can be found here if you want to read those rather than my more ”compact” patch notes!)

This time the update is filled with events again!

The first is Back to the Old Maple! For a limited time, people can enter some maps of the Maple World how it looked before Big Bang! They can do quests there to earn Old Maple Coins. You can buy many ”old” equipments from these coins at Gaga, including:

5th Anniversary Hat
Maple 6th Anniversary Gloves
Maple 3000-Day Cape
Maple Leaf
Maple Hat
Blue Maple Bandana
White Maple Bandana
Maple Earring
Maple Shield
Maple Cape
Maple Scarf
Maple Pendant
Maple 3000-Day Medal
American Flag
Maple Umbrella
Underneath the Maple Tree…
Maple Flag: 1000 Days
1500 Anniv. Flag
Frozen Tuna
Frying Pan
Pan Lid
Fishing Pole
Red Whip
Heart Wand
Maple Sword
Maple Katara
Maple Crow
Maple Staff
Maple Claw
Maple Bow
Maple Knuckle
Maple Gun
Maple Soul Singer
Maple Duke Katara
Maple Soul Searcher
Maple Scorpio
Maple Dragon Axe
Maple Crossbow
Maple Kandayo
Maple Impaler
Maple Storm Finger
Maple Storm Pistol
Maple Doom Singer
Maple Wagner
Maple Lama Staff
Maple Cleat Katara
Maple Steel Axe
Maple Havoc Hammer
Maple Cannon Shooter
Maple Karstan
Maple Wisdom Staff
Maple Asura Dagger
Maple Skanda
Maple Soul Rohen
Maple Shine Wand
Maple Belzet
Maple Soul Spear
Maple Demon Axe
Maple Dark Mate
Maple Nishada
Maple Glory Sword
Maple Golden Claw
Maple Kandiva Bow
Maple Throwing-Stars

The second event is Legends Character Creation. For a limited time you can create as many Legends characters as you want, depending on how many Character Slots you have left! So this time it’s not just one, but a maximum of 15! :)


Next up, Bounty Hunter Event! During this event, you  can accept quests from ”Wanted” Posters in towns. Complete them to receive Exp, Mesos and a ”Use” item.


Now it becomes interesting! The Tracking the Outlaw event isn’t that big. You only have to collect some items, but the rewards (next to Exp and Mesos) are worth it to take a look at!

  • Bounty Hunter Belt: Req Lv: 30, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +3, Weapon/Magic DEF +20, grants additional +2 to STR/DEX/INT/LUK and +5 to Jump to the upcoming GMS exclusive character. A Sharing Tag is required to move it within the account.
  • Bounty Hunter Badge: Req Lv: 50, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +5, Max HP/MP +200, ACC/AVOID +10, Speed +5, grants additional +5 to STR/DEX/INT/LUK and +3 to Weapon/Magic ATT to the upcoming GMS exclusive character. A Sharing Tag is required to move it within the account.

Finally! Some words spoken about GMS’s exclusive character! What would it be? Many people are guessing it’s the Bounty Hunter. I think that’d be my guess as well! I think these equipments are permanent, because the new character is able to wear it too.


Like I said in my previous post, the MTS is being disabled during this maintenance.


If you have read the ”Highlights” post on MapleStory’s website, it says June is the Bug Extermination Month. (I feel so dumb about what I’m gonna say now!) At first I thought it would be an event where you have to fight bugs in MapleStory itself, but when I looked on the website today, I saw it’s just a whole list of a bunch of bugs which are gonna be fixed (what might be interesting though!) >.<

Of course this is not my full post about this update. As always, you can expect a nice big post from me which explains everything more in detail!

Oh, and if you care, here are the download links:
v.111 – Full Client
v.111 – Manual Patch


Happy Mapling!


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