GMS v.111 – Maple Class Reunion

(yay, very badly photoshopped picture!)

As of June 1st, the new update Maple Class Reunion has been released in GMS! I love this update, even though it’s not very big. I’ll explain you why.

My previous post already contained many information about this update, but since only two new events have started for now, this post is mainly focused on the ”Back to the Old Maple” event. It’s just such a nice event! Many old Victoria Island maps will be made available to visit again! Well, read on

The awesomeness already starts here, with a nice server selection-background:

It just feels so.. familiar! I’ve always loved the ”original” background.

Before we start with the more interesting thing, there are another few things I want to share! First of all, the Legends Characters can be made.. AGAIN (June 1st – June 14th)! Seriously Nexon, I don’t see why you removed them while we can make them nearly every update. The only thing that was changed is that unlimited Legends Characters can be created now. See this post how to do it, just don’t mind the incorrect dates stated there.

Another thing is the MTS system that was disabled as of today. You can still enter it, but when you do, you’ll get the message above. Be sure to pick your stuff out which was being sold!

A large amount of bugs have been resolved in this patch! This is the list of all of them:

  • The Explorer quest that caused the game client to crash when the quest log wass opened is now fixed.
  • Evan characters created before April, 2010 with the multipet skill issue (Follow the Leader) are now fixed.
  • Ghost Stumps and Smirking Ghost Stumps will now continue spawning in Gusty Peak.
  • Yeti & Pepes will now continue spawning in Sharp Cliff 3.
  • Extra instances of Orchid no longer spawn when Mercedes re-enters Orchid’s Room in the “Wing Master” quest.
  • The description of the Pearly Clam Chair now correctly lists the item as untradeable.
  • Menus can now be correctly dragged across the game window when using left-handed mouse settings.
  • Beryl and Crimson Maple hand cannons and dual bowguns now register as parts of their respective sets.
  • The Rising Fanatic quest can now be completed by players who were unable to complete it.
  • The hairstyle incorrectly named “Phantom Bangs” is now correctly named “Full Bangs.”
  • The Purple Full Bangs female hairstyle now correctly sits on characters’ heads.
  • The Mercedes skill “Ishtar’s Ring” now appears correctly on other players’ screens.
  • Instances of “8th Anniversary” have been changed to “7th Anniversary” in the descriptions of the Beryl Maple weapons that listed the former.
  • The description for the Joyous 7th Dark Scroll for Accessory for Magic Att 20% now correctly states that the scroll raises Magic Attack.
  • Cassandra’s confusing text when turning in old Maple Leaves has been clarified.
  • NPC Bo the Socket Creator’s outdated dialogue has been updated.
  • A tab name has been fixed in NPC Larson’s store options.
  • The “Empowering Pendant” quest is now correctly named “Pendant of the Spirit.”
  • The in-progress quest log description for the quest “The Rising Fanatic!” has been corrected.
  • Gaga’s misleading dialogue for the quest “Shall We Dance?” has been corrected.
  • Typos in the names of the Moonlight Packages have been corrected.
  • A typo has been fixed in the error message that appears when attempting to use a Joy Bird Feather on non-Beryl Maple gear.
  • The chair “Swing on the Persimmon Tree” now states its HP recovery rate in its description.
  • Description text has been added when hovering over the Alien Socket Creator.
  • The Alien Socket Creator’s graphic has been modified to differentiate it from the Nebulite Diffuser.
  • The Astaroth PQ can now be entered through the Dimensional Mirror by characters of the appropriate levels.
  • (Magic Music Box) The incorrect Hero’s Key has been removed from the store in Elluel. The correct Hero’s Key still will drop from monsters.
Bugs that are known, but not solved yet are:
  • Many players experience lag when certain Magician skills are used.
  • Many players experience lag in Rising Star Hall, especially when selecting channels with high population or when there are several characters in the map. It is recommended that players go to this map in a channel with lower population.
  • A limited number of players can access Horntail following a maintenance.
  • (Old Maple Events)(Maya’s Last Collection) The player is told to collect two different sets of items to complete the quest.
  • (Luvar’s Request) The Lupins do not drop the item “Luvar’s Cane” when defeated.
  • (Cash Shop) The pet food “Sugar Lump” is missing.

The ”Back to the Old Maple” event has started! From June 1 to June 26, people are able to go to the old maps of almost whole Victoria Island and can complete the original quests there! First of all, you want to at least get there. Do this by accepting the quest ”Crack in the Dimensional Mirror”. After you have accepted and completed it, a new option in the Dimensional Mirror will appear, called Crack in the Dimensional Mirror.

Select it and click ”Go”! You are now teleported to Maple Island – Mushroom Town Training Camp, which is in the picture above. You can now explore the maps and complete quests!

After (almost) each quest you complete, the NPC will reward you with an   (Old Maple Coin). If you’ve collected enough coins from completing quests all over Victoria Island, you can go to Inkwell who is in Past-Henesys, Kerning City, Ellinia and Perion. Note: If you’re at the Inkwell from the 7th Anniversary, you’re not at the right place! Go to the old one who looks like this:

Double-click him to access his ”Old Maple Store”. He sells very much ”old” equipments:

5th Anniversary HatMaple 6th Anniversary Gloves

Maple 3000-Day Cape

Maple Leaf

Maple Hat

Blue Maple Bandana

White Maple Bandana

Maple Earring

Maple Shield

Maple Cape

Maple Scarf

Maple Pendant

Maple 3000-Day Medal

American Flag

Maple Umbrella

Underneath the Maple Tree…

Maple Flag: 1000 Days

1500 Anniv. Flag

Frozen Tuna

Frying Pan

Pan Lid

Fishing Pole

Red WhipHeart Wand

Maple Sword

Maple Katara

Maple Crow

Maple Staff

Maple Claw

Maple Bow

Maple Knuckle

Maple Gun

Maple Soul Singer

Maple Duke Katara

Maple Soul Searcher

Maple Scorpio

Maple Dragon Axe

Maple Crossbow

Maple Kandayo

Maple Impaler

Maple Storm Finger

Maple Storm Pistol

Maple Doom Singer

Maple WagnerMaple Lama Staff

Maple Cleat Katara

Maple Steel Axe

Maple Havoc Hammer

Maple Cannon Shooter

Maple Karstan

Maple Wisdom Staff

Maple Asura Dagger

Maple Skanda

Maple Soul Rohen

Maple Shine Wand

Maple Belzet

Maple Soul Spear

Maple Demon Axe

Maple Dark Mate

Maple Nishada

Maple Glory Sword

Maple Golden Claw

Maple Kandiva Bow

Maple Throwing-Stars

Unfortunate for the Mercedes and Cannonneers, he doesn’t sell Dual Bowguns or Hand Cannons. That’s logical though!

If you want to leave the past Maple World, simply go to a Dimensional Mirror, which has a moustache and arms o.0.

Well, I think that was about it for everything going on now. Before I finish this post, I actually wanted to post some memorable screenshots I made on my trip to Maple Island and Henesys, but now I see my laptop didn’t save them >.< So if I find them back, I’ll update this post with them. If I don’t, that would suck.

A new event is starting on June 6th, so a new post is coming soon!

Happy Mapling!


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