Jett Revealed!

As of today, the first actual gameplay footage of Jett has been released by Nexon! Actually, the video was already uploaded to YouTube by Spadow yesterday. I don’t know if he was supposed to do that.. However, many people dislike the gameplay of Jett. They say her skills are ”copied” from other classes. That could be true, but guys, please PLAY Jett before complaining about her… Those people who can only say ”Jett sucks!” and stuff like that are so annoying! I’ll just wait and see (:

If you haven’t seen the gameplay video yet, here you go!


Since there isn’t much going on last weeks, except the release of Jett which is almost there, I’ll just keep posting the teaser videos of Jett. So that will probably one more post. Now just wait for the last box to be unlocked!

Happy Mapling!


P.S: KMS has just released a new character, called Luminous! Luminous is the Mage Hero, the fourth (and last) Hero. He uses a Shining Rod as primary weapon, and an Orb as secondary weapon. He attacks with the power of dark and light…


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