Renegades – Update Highlights

Probably four days left for the release of Jett and Nexon has already posted the Update Highlights
for the update, along with a new video on YouTube:

I suppose all of this is gonna be in the first update?

Before I post Nexon’s Update Highlights I want to talk about some other things. Read on to see!

UPDATE: I added another picture of Jett, click here!

First of all, which you already could have seen in the video above, the Thief Revamp WILL actually come! Now you may be asking, what about the Pirate Revamp? No worries, here’s what Girasol on the MapleStory Forums said in this thread:

“Pirates will get their revamp later this year. 

I think it is reliable.

Secondly, Nexon has updated the Jett Teaser Page. It now shows you a complete picture of a very nicely drawn Jett!
EDIT: I managed to create a better-looking picture of the one above!

Now, last but not least, a poll. I really need a new poll for my bog, since it’s obvious Jett’s gonna be a Pirate, but I can’t think of a new one… Do you have suggestions? I would really appreciate a comment below (:

Alright, let’s finally start with the Update Highlights! Let’s take a look on what Nexon posted:

So.. this is Jett. Are there no exclusive Jett eyes!? That would be a shame.

The Thief Revamp. Almost all skills of the current Thief will be overhauled. Some think this will be better for the Thieves, some don’t..

Part-time Jobs. This is a good way to ”train” your character while offline.

I actually like this. I’ve already seen those cards when I played KMS, but then none of my characters had such a card, lol. (Talking of KMS, I really should go try out Luminous soon!)

Yeah… I don’t think this is going to be used by high-level dudes, but it might be useful for low-levellers.

The Navigation System is another very good addition to MapleStory. Even though I’m not experiencing many problems navigating through the Maple World, it could turn out nice if you really need help finding an NPC!

Pretty straightforward, right?

Nexon, why do I see a Justice coin!? What the hell is Justice? Seriously, this is Regegades, not Jenegades, :p

Woo, I like this event! Hasn’t it already been going on some time ago?

Alright, let’s wait for the full Patch Notes now!

Happy Mapling!



2 thoughts on “Renegades – Update Highlights

  1. Agreed, your blog doesn’t get near enough as much attention as Orange Mushroom, but I do enjoy the service you’re providing. I’m personally upset with the lack of pirate update, but I suppose I’ll have to deal…

    My opinion on Jett is…mixed. I think the class looks more like a recolored Pirate…but it’s only my opinion. Keep up the good work.

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