KMS – Tempest

Hmmmm.. I usually don’t blog about KMS, but this new entry in Inkwell’s Diary made me curious! It shows the description of the word ”tempest” in Korean. Is this about a new Major Game Update? I think so.. A thing that really scares me is that the ”Big Bang was just a beginning… This could mean there will be an even bigger update than Big Bang! I really hope Nexon won’t screw the whole game with this. Maybe it would be better to just don’t change so much.

There is a possibility that the 5th job will be added in ”tempest”, since the Job Advancement requirements have been lowered by some levels. (3rd job: level 60, 4th job: level 100) A bigger possibility is that Luminous will come with the Tempest update. Nobody knows, we’ll see!

Happy Mapling!


P.S: Only two days remaining for the release(?) of Jett in GMS! Are you excited? I am (a bit)!


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