Renegades: Jett – Events

Many new events have started with the first part of the Renegades Update, and since my previous post became a little too long, I decided to discuss the Events in a seperate post. All of them started June 28, so this will probably be my only post about the events from the first update. (The Patch Notes are wrong. It says an event has already started but it hasn’t.) Please read on!

Note: When I’m talking about the quest/event notifier, I mean either  (Renegades Events) or  (Normal Events).

Renegades Festival (June 28 – Aug 7)

The Renegades Festival has started! This whole festival is actually one thing: the Renegades Shop. By earning Renegades Coins from different activities, you can buy special Renegades Weapons, Rare Recipes, Renegades Scrolls and more unique stuff! First I will explain you how to obtain the Renegades Coins.

Some quests will show up in the quest notifier on the left side of your screen:

  • Renegades Festival every day! (Level 10+) The only thing you have to do is accepting and completing the quest immediately. After you’ve completed it, you’ll get rewarded with 1 Renegades Coin.
  • Try Out the Level-Up Guide!(Level 10+) After you’ve accepted the quest, you receive 2 Renegades Coins straight away! It actually says you have to check the Level-Up Guide, but that’s not required.
  • Renegades Level-Up Challenge: (Level 10+) To complete this quest, simply gain 5 levels in order to receive 1 Renegades Coin. It’s repeatable right after you’ve completed. I noticed that it’s not always 5 levels, because on my Mercedes I only needed two levels (146 – 148).
  • Challenge Accepted! Survive 15 pyramid waves! (Level 60-109) Clear 15 waves in Nett’s Pyramid, to receive 1 Renegades Coin. This quest is doable one time a day.
  • Challenge Accepted! Clear Monster Park 3 times! (Level 60-94) Clear 3 full rounds of Monster Park to receive 1 Renegades Coin.
  • Challenge Accepted! Complete 3 party quests!  When you complete three of the following Party Quests, you’ll get rewarded with 1 Renegades Coin. This quest is doable once a day.
    • Moon Bunny’s Rice Cake
    • First Time Together
    • Dimensional Schism
    • The Ice Knight’s Curse
    • Remnants of the Goddess
    • Romeo and Juliet
    • Forest of Poison Haze
    • Lord Pirate
    • Dragon Rider
    • Kenta in Danger
    • Escape
    • Resurrection of the Hoblin King

TIP: It’s could be useful to use the Dimensional Mirror. This way you can complete the quests fast!

Now, when you have collected some coins, maybe you’ve got enough to buy something in the Renegades Shop! Access the Renegades Shop by:

  •  or clicking on the ”Quick Move” button and selecting the picture all the way on the left, (Oh, there’s something I forgot to mention in my previous post: Ms. Appropriation from the Part-Time Jobs is also accessible via the Quick Move window.)
  • or by talking to Conor himself, who runs the Renegades Shop.

Like I said before he sells various items, like Renegades Equiment, Special Recipes, Renegades Scrolls and Special Items. Down here you can see just a little part of all the items available in the shop.

There are a few more ways to get Renegades Coins. I will write about those later in this post.

Renegades Level-up Bonanza (June 28 – July 24)

When you create a Thief Explorer (+ Ulti. Explorer Thief), Night Walker or Jett, you can accept a quest from the event notifier. Reach level 70 and you’ll receive an Alliance Ring:

  • Alliance Ring: REQ LV: 70, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +3, Weapon/Magic ATT +3, ACC/AVOID +20

Also, when the characters listed above go through their 2nd, 3rd or 4th job advancement (2nd and 3rd for Night Walker and 3rd and 4th for Ulti. Explorer Thief), they will obtain a weapon scroll.

These character will also receive a full set of armor when they reach level 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50, 60 and 70.

Again, when the characters above are level 70 or above, they can obtain Special Masterry Book.

This time, only for Jett, a special gun can be received when you reach level 50.

Thief Mastery Book Exchange (June 28 – July 24)

Starting from June 28, Thieves can exchange their unvalid Mastery Books at the Maple Administrator for one of the new books.

Jett’s Chair (June 28 – July 24)

Jetts of level 10 or above can obtain Jett’s special chair through the quest: ”A Gift for Jett”.

Phantom’s Mysterious Letter (June 28 – July 11)

To prepare for the arrive of Phantom, you can accept the quest: ”Mysterious Letter of Warning” through the event notifier. You receive a Scented Secret Envelope. Double-click to open it. The letter contains:

  • Master Thief’s Letter (Useable)

  • Carte Fantasmatique (Phantom’s Secondary Weapon)
  • Three Renegades Coins

Those were all the events worth discussable!

Happy Mapling!


P.S: One event that already ended today, gave me two hats, a potential scroll and 20 Renegades Coins. I revealed the potential of the hat, and it came out really nice!

It’s even better than my current hat, the Elven Tiara! Jett’s special hat gives me a boost of 34 more DEX!

P.P.S: Everyone got a free Character Slot Coupon to create Jett! :)


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