Phantom Teaser Site Revealed!

[Edit] Phantom will come on July 9 instead of July 12!

The Teaser Page for the upcoming class ”Phantom” has been released! I don’t know if I’m late noticing this, but anyway, it’s up. You can view it here, but I’m also discussing it below. Read on to see!

Again, there are gonna be four videos about the new character. We will be able to watch the first new one in only two days! I guess one will be ”Phantom’s Infiltration”, and another one ”Phantom’s Memories”. I’m not sure about that though. If you don’t know already, Phantom will be released in GMS on July 12 July 9. This is confirmed again with the last video ”box”. You can watch the first video down here:

I think this is all I can tell you about the teaser site. Just go see it on your own if you want to watch more of it.

I’ve been recording, editing and uploading some video’s about Jett lately. Watch them below. If you want to watch my videos right after I uploaded them, subscribe to my channel!

Happy Mapling!



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