Ancient Artifact Hunt Event

This year’s Ancient Artifact Hunt event has started! This event is all about getting excavation points and turning those in for prizes! The event runs from July 12 until July 31. To find out more about this event, please read on!

To start participating in the event, you have to talk to Gaga, who is dressed up as an excavator! Accept the quest [Artifact Hunt Contest] Announcement! As you could tell from the title of the quest, Gaga will show you the announcement of the contest:

The announcement explains you what to do in the contest (event).

The Mysterious Artifacts that are discussed in the announcement are dropped by monsters around your level, and look like this:

Each Mysterious Artifact you pick up will earn you Artifact Excavation Points. These points can vary between 5 , 10 and 20 points(?). If you get 1000 points in one day, your attendance for that day will be counted. When you complete your eighth day of attendance, you will receive an Archaeologist item:

  • Archaeologist Hat: REQ LV: 13, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +1, 7 upgrade slots unhammered
  • Archaeologist Glasses: REQ LV: 13, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +1, 3 upgrade slots unhammered

Sometimes a Mysterious Artifact may contain a special artifact, which you need for the quest [Artifact Hunt Contest] 8 Mysterious Treasures. Each of them belongs to another NPC, and when you give them back, they’ll grant you some EXP.

When you have collected all 8 special artifacts, you will obtain a medal:

  • 2012 Ancient Artifact Hunt: REQ LV: 13, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +2, Weapon/Magic DEF +100, Speed/Jump +10, untradeable


Alright, I guess that’s all!

Happy Mapling!



6 thoughts on “Ancient Artifact Hunt Event

  1. do you know of any other medals you can get?

    ive seen people with 3 different medals

    first one i know of you get after 1st day of obtaining 1000 points
    2nd is where you collect all 8 mystical artifacts
    and the 3rd is called Ancient Artifact Hunter with no 2012 in the title

    so could it be the 3rd medal was from a past event?

  2. can you only get the rare 8 artifacts once? I found 5 and havent gotten any since its been over 1200 points and im getting pretty frustrated.. >.<

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