Arrived Safely!

Hi all, this is me posting from Austria! As you might know, I went on vacation last Saturday. I woke up at 5 AM, and I arrived here, in Flachau at 9PM. When you see the picture above, you can tell the view from my ”Ferienhaus” is pretty awesome!

Yesterday, I managed to connect to a free wi-fi hotspot, so I will be able to keep on posting. Like I said in another post, my posts won’t be as long as usual, because I have less time to blog.

Now, to make things clear, I will be back at home on August 4. From this day and on, I can focus on blogging more again. :)


P.S: Azwan’s coming out in only two days, and Nexon has posted the Update Highlights three days ago. You can read on to see them.




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