GMS v.114 – Renegades: Fight for Azwan

The new update, Fight for Azwan has been released! Azwan is sort of a Party Quest, where you have to defeat Hilla’s army. Hilla herself, as a boss, has not been released, yet. Furthermore, some new events were added, and some bugs were fixed. Please read on!

The new world-selection background ^


Like I said in the intro of this post, Azwan is like a Party Quest. You have to defeat Hilla’s armies to succeed. Before I start writing about Azwan, let me show you the story of it, so you know what Azwan actually is:

Azwan is an ancient underground city beneath the Nihal Desert. It was recently rediscovered by the Cygnus Knights following the attempt by its leader, Hilla, to usurp Empress Cygnus’ throne.

Hundreds of years ago, Azwan was a beautiful and thriving metropolis. One of its chief shamanesses, the beautiful and powerful Hilla, craved more power and betrayed her city to become a commander under the Black Mage, in exchange for eternal power, youth, and beauty. She took control of Azwan and used necromancy to revive its dead population as minions in her army. She lined the city with giant, magical totems to recapture the souls of her fallen forces so they may be reanimated again.

The obelisk that serves as the entrance to Azwan has recently reappeared in the desert and has come under investigation by the Cygnus Knights. Intrepid adventurers can join the fight, leading forces from Ereve in their battle to defeat Hilla’s army and free the enslaved souls of the citizens of Azwan.

When you are level 40 or over, you are eligible to enter Azwan. You can enter it by using the Dimensional Mirror. Once you enter, you will be moved to a ”lobby” suitable for your level. There are four different lobbies:

  • Lv.40-79
  • Lv.80-119
  • Lv.120-159
  • Lv.160-200

In Azwan, you can participate in four modes.

  • Occupy
  • Attack
  • Defend
  • Supply

For each mode, you can choose whether you do the Easy, Normal, Hard or Hell mode. You can also choose between Solo or Party Mode. The amount of rewards you get (Honor EXP and Conqueror’s Coins or Emperor Coins) depends on the difficulty you choose. More about the rewards later in this post.

By going through the portal in ”Azwan Refuge Zone”, you can access the room where you can join the ”Fight for Azwan”.

After talking to Longorias, the mode selection screen shows up. Here you can select the mode, difficulty and single/party play. After you’ve made a choice, press Start!

Occupy + Attack Mode

The modes Occupy and Attack are both focusing on the same thing. In both, you have to destroy towers, while being attacked by Hilla’s minions.

There are also Cygnus minions who are helping you. Watch out for the towers’ special attacks, they can do a lot of damage! When you or your party have destroyed the Guardian Tower (bigger tower on the right side of the map), you win. Destroying the towers isn’t as simple as it looks like, because if minions reach the left side of the map, your ”base”, the HP of the towers will replenish.

Defense Mode

In Defense mode, you have to prevent the Cygnus Faith Stone from being destroyed by Hilla’s Minions. It’s basically a tower defense mode, which is probably know by many people. If the Cygnus Faith Stone is destroyed, you lose. Luckily, the Cygnus Minions are there again to help you out!

In the 10 minutes you get to defend the stone, 2 ballistae will spawn somewhere in those 10 minutes. The ballistae will start to charge their attack, and you’ll have to destroy them before they have fully charged their shot, or the stone will get a lot of damage. After the ballistae have been destroyed, you win. Another way to win is to keep defending the stone until the time runs out.

Supply Mode

The Supply Mode is almost the same as a normal mini-dungeon. You’ve got one hour to hunt monsters in the supply map, which give a decent amount of experience. From 2PM to 8PM Pacific time, the monsters drop Azwan Supply Boxes if you have accepted the daily quest from Longorias, in which you have to collect 100 of these boxes.


IMPORTANT: Don’t worry when you die, you won’t lose any experience~

Winning or Failing a Fight & Rewards


So, after a fight, you won or you lost. If you lost, I think you will not get any Coins or stuff. If you won, you will get Coins. Note that the pictures above were taken before 2PM, so no Honor Experience could be obtained yet. I’ll explain the Honor Experience later in this post.

Coins you obtain during a battle will be stored by Woodwan, talk to him to retrieve the coins.

Coin Shop

There are various NPCs who sell special items for Conqueror Coins or Emperor Coins: Popodom and Jean Pierre. Popodom always sells Azwan Scrolls:

Jean Pierre’s stock varies each time you clear a battle.

Honor EXP & Inner Ability

Honor Experience and Inner Ability are two new systems introduced in this update. Let’s start with the Honor Experience.

Note: Honor Experience is only obtainable only from 2 – 8PM Pacific time.

After you clear an Azwan fight, you gain Honor Experience based on how well you did.

Honor Experience is needed to level up your Honor Level. These Honor Levels are needed for the Inner Ability.

I don’t have the current GMS’s EXP table, but I can tell you the higher your Honor Level is, the more Experience you’ll need.

Now, let’s move on to the Inner Ability system.

Inner Ability is actually the same as an Hidden Potential, but an Inner Ability is bound to your character, instead of an equipment. Before you can get such an ability, you’ll need some Honor Levels. There are three slots for your Inner Ability. The first slot is unlocked when you reach Honor Level 2, the second slot is unlocked at level 30, and the third at level 70.

If you don’t like your current Inner Abilities, you can reset them by using a Circulator. The better the Circulator, the better results you can get. Before I had: All Stats +1, result after using the circulator:

Maple BigWigs

BigWigs, the most ”loyal” MapleStory players, are an elite group of over 100,000 loyal Maplers who have access to exclusive in-game events and gifts. To become a BigWig, you have to log in frequently, or spend much NX in the Cash Shop… Unfortunately, I haven’t been selected as a BigWig yet, but I can explain you what this is all about!

If you are a BigWig, you should notice a quest in the quest notifier at the left side of your screen. From this quest, you’ll get:

Blessing of Greatness x3
Double-click this to send special gifts to your friends! This gift box expires in 30 days if it isn’t sent. Untradeable.
Maple BigWig Throne
Maple BigWig medal
STR/DEX/INT/LUK +7, Max HP/MP +350, Speed/Jump +5. Untradeable.
EXP Coupon
Gives 1.2x EXP for 30 days. Untradeable.
Maple Point Coupon:
Double-click it to receive 1,000 Maple Points. This coupon expires in 30 days if it isn’t used. Untradeable.

Now some more information about the Blessing of Greatness. By double-clicking on this box, you will be able to send the following rewards (including a message from you) to a friend:

Jump Start Character Coupon
Allows you to create a Lv.50 Dual Blade. Untradeable.
EXP Coupon
Gives 1.2x EXP for 30 days. Untradeable.
Maple Point Coupon
Double-click it to receive 1,000 Maple Points. This coupon expires in 30 days if it isn’t used. Untradeable.

After your friend relogs, he/she can claim them by sending a reply to you. This reply also contains 1000 Maple Points.

Updated Content

(Copied and pasted from the MapleStory website)

  • Several of Phantom’s skill names have been updated, with special thanks to Francophone forum member Maryse.
  • The quest “Treasure, and Crocell the demon” has been enabled for Jett characters Lv.18-40.
  • The quest “Catch Valefor!” has been enabled for Phantom characters Lv.18-40.
  • The quest “For the peace of Victoria Island…” has been enabled for Jett and Phantom characters Lv.26-40.
  • Extra animations have been added for the wand and staff versions of the Boleadoras.
  • Cash weapon covers now list which weapon types they do not cover.
  • Cygnus’ voice has been updated in the Phantom video in which she appears.
  • The number of Renegades Coins received for daily completion have increased from 1 to 5 for the following quests:
    • Challenge Accepted! Survive 15 pyramid waves!
    • Challenge Accepted! Complete 3 party quests!


Two new events were added. I don’t think they’re worth it to be discussed, so check them out here!

Bug Fixes

Many bugs were fixed, yay!

  • A fix has been applied to the permanent demon pets not responding to commands.
  • A fix has been applied to non-functioning Corsair and Buccanner mastery books.
  • Jett receives the quest “An Arrangement from the goddess” at Lv.200.
  • Jett can receive the quest to obtain Silver Mane after meeting the requirements.
  • Graphical bugs with the Cute Boy hairstyle have been fixed.
  • “Nautilus” is spelled correctly in the quest log.
  • Mastery books for Jett have been added to the Renegades shop.
  • Phantom receives the Soaring skill upon completing the quest Towards the Sky 2.
  • Phantom arrives in the correct location when deboarding the Lumiere.
  • The One-Time Cosmetic Lens (White) can be used with Phantom’s default faces.
  • [Phantom] “Rapier Wit” is listed correctly in the description for Penombre.
  • The Equip Enhancement Scroll is now listed correctly in the exchange rewards for Enlightening Miracle Cube Shards where a Carved Silver Seal had incorrectly been displayed.
  • The game no longer crashes when equipping all pieces of the Intergalactic set.
  • The “Excessively Charming” quest is available when reaching charm Lv. 30 when you are 2nd job or higher.
  • The incorrect message that appeared in the chat log when using a Royal Hair Coupon has been removed.
  • The Lumiere name appears correctly on its area map.
  • The Dead Mine is labeled correctly in its area map.
  • The following which were appearing incorrectly in the NPC lists for some towns have been removed: Mr. Moneybags, the Cursed Knight, Ace of Hearts, Mrs. Bo, Lucia, Maple Claws, and question marks.
  • The quest “Catch Valefor!” is available to Phantom characters Lv.18-40.
  • The quest “Treasure, and Crocell the Demon” is available to Jett characters Lv.18-40.
  • Defunct skill/mastery books can be exchanged through the Maple Administrator NPC.
  • [Alliance Support] You can choose and receive a special mastery book when completing the quest.
  • ([Renegades]Challenge Accepted! Clear Monster Park 3 times!) Placeholder text is no longer displayed when you turn the quest in.
  • A fix has been applied for players unable to progress further in the Ancient Artifact Hunt.
  • [Crimsonwood Keep PQ] The sigils can be activated.
  • [Phantom] Carte Blanche and Carte Noire do the appropriate damage to enemies.
  • The Mystery Special Mastery Book from the Renegades shop functions properly.
  • [Amoria PQ] The magik mirror drops a mirror piece when broken in the first stage.
  • A fix will be applied to characters that have not been able to get either engaged, married, or an annulment since the wedding revamp.

The following bugs are known:

  • [Thunder Breaker] The Dash skill does not function correctly.
  • [Phantom] “Brise Carte” should be “Carte Blanc” in the skill description for Rapier Wit.
  • There are graphical issues with the Exotica male hairstyles.
  • [Phantom] Current Pirate class skills cannot be stolen.
  • Some characters crash to error code: -2147467261 (invalid pointer) when loading into the game after PIC entry.
  • Numerous characters experience the following: “Trouble logging in?” upon initial PIC entry, then disconnection upon second PIC entry.
  • Several characters have reported having a shortage of Skill Points (SP).
  • Some players may experience lag when using the mounts.
  • Elf ears clip through all hats that cover a character’s ears.
  • [Wild Hunter] There is an issue with delay when using certain skills while mounting or mounted.
  • [Wild Hunter] There is a brief moment of animation lag when landing after using Jag Jump.
  • [Renegades shop] Phantom items are missing.
  • [Phantom] Players who experienced the bug where they didn’t receive the Soaring skill from the quest Towards the Sky 2 still do not have the skill.
  • [Pet Equip] Several items that can be equipped by several different pets do not list that they cannot be equipped by the Fennec Fox or the Harp Seal.
  • [The Silent Crusade] The Coco card cannot be obtained in the Crusader Codex upon completion of the quest to defeat Coco.
  • [Alliance Support] The quest has not been extended for players who completed it and who were unable to collect their rewards.
  • Showa Spa can’t be entered.
  • Some Phantom mastery books are misnamed.

Happy Mapling!


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