August Game Update: Mutiny

[Update] Click here to download the manual patch: v.114 to v.115! Maintenance will be done at 4 AM Pacific! is now finished!

Hey guys, I’m back home! I actually wanted to write this post a bit earlier, because I had wi-fi in the train I was in. Unfortunately some things went wrong and ”poof!” said my connection. Anyways, the Mutiny update is coming soon to GMS! This update will include the Pirate & Dual Blade Revamp, a new theme-dungeon called Spiegelmann’s Gonzo Gallery, new events and more, which we could have checked out in the ”v.115 – Mutiny Update Notes”. This update will probably come on August 8, since the Renegades Festival event ends on August 7. Please read on!

Before I show you the Update Highlights, here’s the trailer of the Mutiny update Nexon uploaded along with the Highlights:

Ealier this summer a Forum mod said that the Pirate Revamp was coming this summer. At first I didn’t really have any confidence in it, but when I saw this I was surprised! They did it so fast. Anyways, this revamp will mainly revamp (almost) all skills. Time to get back on my Marauder when this is out!

The Dual Blade Revamp. This revamp will not only revamp skills, but there’s a new tutorial and a new character creation as well!

Spiegelmann’s Gonzo Gallery (KMS: Spiegelmann’s Strange Gallery) is a small theme-dungeon. The paintings on the wall can teleport you to special maps where you can complete quests.

Some events of the Renegades Festival will be extended! This means we can collect even more Renegades Coins and spend them at NPC Conor.

Red Leaf High, a new event. I don’t have many information about this yet, but as I can state from the text above, you’ll have to complete quests by killing monsters and you can turn those in to get friendship points.

The Knights of Virtue event returns once again! If you don’t know what this event is, click here to find out! (old post)

Happy Mapling!



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