New Dawn Update Highlights!

Earlier today, Nexon officially announced the update coming September 5 is called New Dawn. This update features Mihile, the Knight of Light. Nexon also posted the Update Highlights for this update. Along with the highlights, they posted a ”trailer” as well. Please read on!

First of all, the video. This video basically explains a little bit of Mihile’s story and shows some of his skills. Watch it below:

Secondly, the Update Highlights. This update’s highlights don’t cover much of Mihile’s details, but it’s worth showing them to you.

Nexon’s being creative with all their highlights! This one’s from the Black Wings, remember the other’s, which were from Ryden and Spiegelmann?

Mihile is a male (yes, gender-locked) and he uses one-handed swords as primary weapon. As secondary weapon, he uses a Soul Shield. Mihile’s Link Skill is called Knight’s Watch, which protects characters against knockback caused by monsters and stuff.


Of course the Update Highlights didn’t show all stuff which is going to be included in the update. There will start some new events as well and there will (probably) be some new/changed content.

Are you going to create ”a” Mihile? What do you think of this new class? Let me know in the comments below!


Happy Mapling!




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