GMS v.117 – New Dawn

The new update, New Dawn has been released a few days ago. With this update a new playable class came Mihile, the Knight of Light. Mihile is actually, except the new events, the only new thing in this update. Please read on!

There’s a new world selection screen again:




Mihile is the leader of the Knights of Cygnus, and now he has become a playable class as well! Let’s start off with Mihile’s story:

The mightiest hero can come from the humblest beginnings. The great warrior you know as Mihile did not always go by that name. Once upon a time he was an overworked stock boy at Mr. Limbert’s General Store, known only as “kiddo.” Little did that young boy know that his life was about to change forever…

Empress Cygnus long suspected that there was more to the boy than what met the eye, so she and Neinheart decided to test the young warrior. It wasn’t until Cygnus watched him defeat her minions with ease that she knew the truth for sure. Neinheart was skeptical, but Cygnus’s faith never wavered. She explained to the boy that his father was a warrior of great power; a warrior for good and a warrior for the light. He had left his infant son with the old man Limbert, planning to one day return, but he was never able to escape the great evil that defeated him. She went on to call the nameless kiddo “Mihile,” which means “Born of Light” in honor of his fallen father, Chromile, the Knight of Light.

The young Empress and her faithful follower Neinheart brought the boy with a new name back with them to Ereve. There he learned that “Only the darkest night can produce the most brilliant sunrise!”

So, as you can tell from the story above, Mihile (kiddo) starts off as ”just a boy” in the tutorial. Later on, he becomes mightier and mightier. However, I’ll return to the tutorial later in this post.

Now it’s time for some important information about Mihile. Mihile is a Cygnus Knight warrior, using a one-handed sword as weapon, and has a Soul Shield as secondary weapon. This special shield grows as you level your character becomes better. A (kind of blurry) picture of the 3rd job’s shield is below.

Mihile’s primary stat is Strength and his second stat is Dexterity, which is normal for a warrior type class. Also, Mihile is a gender-locked class, which means you can only create oneof the two genders, male in this case. With Mihile being the first gender-locked class, Angelic Burster (Nova Pirate) will be the second one.

Unlike other Knight of Cygnus classes, Mihile is able to reach level 200! Also, like Knights of Cygnus, until level 120, he receives an additional 10% of EXP after he levels up.

Mihile’s link skill is called Knight’s Watch. While this skill is linked to a character which is yours, this character is prevented from being knocked back. The Character Card of Mihile works as follows:

Lv.30-69 (B) Lv.70-119 (A) Lv.120-199 (S) Lv.200 (SS)
Weapon DEF +2% +3% +4% +5%

Well, I guess that was most of the important information. Let’s move on to Mihile’s Character Creation.

To start creating your Mihile, press the HUGE button which has Mihile on it.

On the next screen wou’ll see Mihile standing on a Cygnus platform thing. I skipped the part where you have to think of a nice name. Anyways, Mihile has only one hair style available, as well as one pair of eyes. You can customize him with the other common customization clothes/skin colors/weapons.

After you’ve created your Mihile, you’ll see him running in front of the Knight of Cygnus pillar thingy.

Now, as you start your adventure, the tutorial begins. I’ve recorded and uploaded the tutorial, so you can watch it below.

Let’s move on to the skills:

Unique Beginner Skill

Knight's Watch.png Knight’s Watch: At Master Level: Knock-back Resistance Rate: 100%, Duration 90 sec, Cooldown 180 sec. Master Level: 1. Can be shared with another character in the same account and world when Mihile reaches Lv.70.

Mihile 1st Job

Soul Shield.png Soul Shield: At Master Level: Permanently increases Weapon DEF by +200 and Magic DEF by +200. Master Level: 15.
Soul Blade.png Soul Blade: At Master Level: Damage 340%, Max Enemies Hit: 5. Master Level: 20.
Weightless Heart.png Weightless Heart: Use this while in the middle of a jump to go even further. Master Level: 10.
Soul Devotion.png Soul Devotion: At Master Level: Permanently increases Accuracy by +200, Speed by +25, and Jump by +20. Master Level:10.
HP Boost.png HP Boost: At Master Level: Max HP +20%. Master Level: 10.

Mihile 2nd Job

Sword Mastery.gif Sword Mastery: At Master Level: Permanently increases One-Handed Sword Mastery by +50% and Accuracy by +120. Master Level: 20.
Final Attack.gif Final Attack: At Master Level: Proc Rate 40%, Damage 150%. Master Level: 20.
Sword Booster.gif Sword Booster: At Master Level: Duration 200 sec. Master Level: 20.
Rage.png Rage: At Master Level: Weapon ATT +30, Duration 180 sec. Master Level: 20.
Soul Driver.png Soul Driver: At Master Level: Damage 145%, Number of Attacks: 4, Max Monsters Hit: 6. Master Level: 20.
Radiant Driver.png Radiant Driver: At Master Level: Damage 400%, Max Enemies Pushed: 6. Master Level: 20.
Physical Training.png Physical Training: At Master Level: Permanently increases STR by 30 and DEX by 30. Master Level: 10.

Mihile 3rd Job

Trinity Attack.png Trinity Attack: At Master Level: Damage 230%, Number of Attacks: 3, Max Monsters Hit: 4. Master Level: 20.
Radiant Buster.png Radiant Buster: At Master Level: Damage 270%, Number of Attacks: 3, Max Enemies Hit: 6, Stun Chance 20%, Duration 4 sec. Master Level: 20.
Soul Charge.png Radiant Charge: At Master Level: Damage +30%, Duration 300 sec. Master Level: 10.
Enduring Spirit.png Enduring Spirit: At Master Level: DEF +100%, Abnormal Status Resistance +60%, All Elemental Resistance +60%, Duration 180 sec. Master Level: 20.
Magic Crash.png Magic Crash: Cancel all enemy buffs and prevent them from casting new buffs: At Master Level: Success Rate 100%, Buff Block Duration 20 sec. Master Level: 20.
Intense Focus.png Intense Focus: At Master Level: Permanently increases STR by 60, Attack Speed Increased. Master Level: 20.
Righteous Indignation.png Righteous Indignation: At Master Level: When attacking enemies with an abnormal status, Damage +20%, Critical Rate +20%. Master Level: 20.
Relax.gif Self Recovery: At Master Level: 300 HP and 90 MP recovered every 4 sec. Master Level: 30.

Mihile 4th Job

Soul Asylum.png Soul Asylum: At Master Level: Permanently decreases damage taken by 20%. Master Level: 30. Requires Mastery Books.
Expert Sword Mastery.png Expert Sword Mastery: At Master Level: One-Handed Sword Mastery +70%, Weapon ATT +30, Minimum Critical Damage +15%. Mastery Level: 30. Requires Mastery Books.
Advanced Final Attack.png Advanced Final Attack: At Master Level: Permanently increases ATT by 30 and Accuracy by 10%. Also has a 60% chance of activating 250% damage Final Attack 2 times. Master Level: 30. Requires Mastery Books.
Four-Point Assault.png Four-Point Assault: At Master Level: Damage 360%, Number of Attacks: 4, Blind Chance 40%, Accuracy -30%, Duration 100 sec, Critical Hit on final attack. Master Level: 30. Requires Mastery Books.
Radiant Blast.png Radiant Blast: At Master Level: Damage 280%, Number of Attacks: 6, Max Monsters Hit: 6, Stun Chance 40%, Duration 6 sec. Master Level: 30. Requires Mastery Books.
Roiling Soul.png Roiling Soul: At Master Level: Damage +60%, Critical Rate +20%, Minimum Critical Damage +15%, Duration 240 sec, Max Monsters Targeted: 1, Cooldown 270 sec. Master Level: 30. Requires Mastery Books.
Combat Mastery2.png Combat Mastery: At Master Level: Defense Ignored 40%. Master Level: 10.
Stance: At Master Level: Knock-back Resist Chance 95%, Duration 300 sec. Master Level: 30. Requires Mastery Book.
Maple Warrior.gif Maple Warrior: Increases all team members’ stats: At Master Level: All Stats +15%, Duration 900 sec. Master Level: 30. Requires Mastery Books.

As you  might know, I’m not that interested in event, so I’m not including those in this post. Maybe I’ll do them next time.

Happy Mapling!



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